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Only ‘Cool Kids’ Appreciate Echosmith

Only ‘Cool Kids’ Appreciate Echosmith

That’s right, we said what we said in the title, and we stand by it! Echosmith are a talent that has been around for years, giving us music that never gets old. We have one of their most known songs, and also… triple platinum hit, here to prove it to you!

‘Cool Kids’ is a classic from our younger days and is iconic even almost 10 years after its release. Do you remember when you sang along, thinking “oh wow, they get me?” Well, Echosmith brought the hit back in a whole new light! Aren’t they the best?

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Gifting us a reimagined version of the single, the band gave it a different feel, yet it keeps the powerful impact of the original. ‘Cool Kids (our version)’ offers a whole new bridge, which showcases reflection on one’s past self and also portrays the song with an updated image.

To make this even more special, Echosmith performed the track at Billboard Studios. If you haven’t watched it yet, we encourage you to do it! Right now! It is worth every second!

Looking Back..

Let’s be honest, we all look back at our younger selves and think about the things that led us to become who we are today. No surprise that there is a whole TikTok trend out there about it, using the original ‘Cool Kids’ song. So many people have already taken part in it, including some of our favorites like Demi Lovato, Drew Barrymore, and many, many more! See, we told you all the cool kids appreciate the band!

Now that we have a version with a brand new bridge, it is time to add a new trend too! We are so ready to reflect back on ourselves through ‘Cool Kids (our version)’ in the background! And look – Echosmith are already doing it!

Are you blasting the updated version like us? Doesn’t it feel like it matches Echosmith’s new musical era? With their growth as musicians and how they’re always bringing us quality releases, how can we not be fans of the band?

That is not all they are doing! Echosmith is about to embark on The Hang Around Tour this fall, starting with Nashville on October 13. The band plans a 25-date tour and we are hyped! If you want to catch the band on one of their stops but need more information, click here.

Want to share your opinions on Echosmith’s song and performance? Or are you already busy with joining the new trend? Come and tell us on Twitter, or look us up on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to hear from you!


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