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SEVENTEEN Brought The Heat To North America With Their Be The Sun Tour

SEVENTEEN Brought The Heat To North America With Their Be The Sun Tour

SEVENTEEN just ended their North American leg of their Be The Sun tour on September 6 in Newark. The North American tour began on August 10, and SEVENTEEN made their way around the continent in just one month!

Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

Tour Stops

The North American tour consisted of 12 cities, including Vancouver, Seattle, Oakland, LA, Houston, Fort Worth, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Belmont Park, Toronto, and Newark. PLEDIS Entertainment also provided a live viewing option for the Houston show on August 20, in which Carats could watch the show at a cinema on Sunday, August 21.

Be The Sun
Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment


There were several ticket options, with the cheapest ticket being a 300-level seat and the best ticket being a VIP Soundcheck Package with access to a floor seat or general standing area, depending on the venue.

Here is what the VIP Soundcheck Package contained:

Image Source: Courtesy of VIP Nation


SEVENTEEN performed fan favorites such as ‘VERY NICE,’ ‘HOT,’ ‘Rock With You,’ and many more. SEVENTEEN often started the show with ‘HOT’ and ended with never-ending ‘VERY NICE.’ There were several sub-unit performances, including the hip-hop team, vocal team, and performance team. Check out the full setlist below.

Stage Outfits

Performance Highlights

SEVENTEEN gave many energy-packed and powerful performances during their tour. Needless to say, SEVENTEEN were made for the stage! Look at some of these clips from their stage performances to find out exactly why the Be The Sun tour was incredibly hot.


SEVENTEEN performing one of their most intense choreo and Jeonghan in his cast still participated in this intense performance. The amount of respect that I have for Yoon Jeonghan 🥺🔥💙 BETHESUN svt carat 캐럿 seventeen17_official SEVENTEEN 세븐틴



Hip-hop Unit having fake tats and performing a daddy version of GAM3 BOI 😭😭 #SEVENTEEN #seventeen17_official #BetheSun #svt_worldtour_bethesun #fyp #fypシ #fypage


Fan Outfits

Carats really know how to dress! The dress code for the Be The Sun Tour seemed to have a midwest or country theme. Here are some cute outfits that Carats put together:


Since you guys liked our last one, here’s us doing the chorus! (Again it’s not perfect but it was so much fun!) 🤙🥂 #seventeen #carat #facethesun_svt #facethesun #facethesunconcert #kpop #kpopfyp



Had so much fun making this! Thank you to all the Carats who participated 💎💕 #svtcarat #bethesun #bethesundc #svt_leaders #fitcheck #concertcheck #svt #seventeen17_official #carats #fyp


Fan Interactions

Artist interaction is probably every fan’s favorite part of attending a concert, and SEVENTEEN definitely does not lack in the fan service department. There were a lot of memorable and funny moments that went viral from the tour, and you can clearly tell that Carats and SEVENTEEN had a blast together!


The members had 4 ments throughout the show and shared a lot of meaningful words with their fans. Check out some of the members ending ments from Newark:

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Social Media

Carats have been really great at documenting their experience at the concerts and posting their photos and videos on social media. If you are someone who was not able to make it to a show or you just want to live vicariously through another Carat, you can look on social media using these hashtags: #BeTheSun, #SVT_WORLDTOUR_BETHESUN, and #BETHESUNwithSVT.

If you want to see content from a specific city, all you need to do is search #BETHESUN_CITYNAME, for example, #BETHESUN_NEWARK. But beware, you may spend hours sifting through all the content from the North American tour because there is soooo much to enjoy!

Be The Sun
Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

Now that the Be The Sun tour is over in North America, SEVENTEEN will have a rest period before they embark on their tour in Asia, which includes stops in Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, and 3 cities in Japan.

What was your favorite moment from the Be The Sun tour in North America? Let us know by leaving a comment or hitting us up on Twitter @thehoneypop.

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