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5 Science-Related Anime To Survive School With

5 Science-Related Anime To Survive School With

August and September are passing by quickly–and this time of year means back-to-school season. Many of us dread boring lectures with information that seems foreign at first, but what if there was a way to have fun while learning? Nowadays, pop culture can play a major role in how we garner information, and anime is no exception! Each series mentioned here connects to a typical scientific subject. If you’re in session for school and taking these classes, then stop by and check out these science anime! 🧪

Cells At Work!!

Firstly, Cells At Work!! is a perfect anime for beginner anime watchers. It follows the various parts of the human body and the cells that make up a person. This series has everything an eye-catching anime needs: awesome animation, eye-catching battles and characters, and information essential for our biology courses. Cells at Work!! gives us the fun vibes of watching anime and educational lessons on the various cells and their roles. It’s one of the most popular educational anime for a reason–we totally recommend this series! 🔴

Silver Spoon

Created by the same mangaka as the Full Metal Alchemist series (Hiromu Arakawa the “GOAT” in our eyes), Silver Spoon is an anime and manga that puts a twist on school life as it takes place in an agricultural high school. The show follows Yugo Hachiken, a boy with no experience in farm life yet takes a new step in this direction with his new farmer friends and environment. Because of this, viewers have a fresh look and can learn more about the agricultural world. There are so many fun moments, we can’t help but love Silver Spoon! 🐷

Heaven’s Design Team

What if, during the formation of the world, God outsourced the role of creating animals to a separate company? Heaven’s Design Team is a science anime that entertainingly answers this question through the trials and errors these engineers undertake when following God’s request. From exploring how animals live to developing new species, each episode answers questions we may have about various animals. Each character has their quirks in their creations, and they all come together beautifully!

Dr. Stone

If you’re a fan of shounen targeted anime and adventure series, then Dr. Stone is just the show to start watching! The world turned into stone for thousands of years, and it’s up to Senkuu to use his scientific creations and knowledge to bring back humanity from the new stone age. Unlike the aforementioned series, Dr. Stone is an overarching quest to save the world with it’s plot building and range in storytelling. Learning about Senkuu’s reinventions and the science it belongs to is entertaining and fun for all viewers. ⚗️


Like Silver SpoonMoyashimon is in an agricultural school that Tadayasu attends. He has the ability to see microbes and viruses through the naked eye without any scientific equipment needed. While people may think all viruses and microorganisms are bad for us, Moyashimon takes a fresh approach. Focusing on bacteria in eating food, the show arguing that certain bacteria can be good for the human body as one eats and consumes food. Although it is an older anime, the lessons included are still great and memorable to this day!

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And these are some of our favorite science-related anime and manga series! There are so many other series and school subjects we want to cover later, so stay tuned for those!

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What science topics interest you? Do any of these series catch your eye for school or learning? Let us know in the comments below or through our Twitter and Instagram!

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