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Our Favorite Lyrics From WILLOW’s ‘curious/furious’

Our Favorite Lyrics From WILLOW’s ‘curious/furious’

After the huge success of her 2021 album lately I feel EVERYTHING, Willow is gearing up for the release of her upcoming fifth album <COPINGMECHANISM>. While the full album is set to drop on September 23rd, Willow has already blessed our ears with the tracks ‘<maybe> it’s my fault’ and ‘hover like a GODDESS,’ both songs featured in her Lollapalooza set last month that has truly been living in our heads rent free. Following on from her hugely successful collaborations with Travis Barker, Willow has also recently given us some iconic collab with PinkPantheress and YUNGBLUD that we simply adore. She has now, however, released the third track from the new album titled ‘curios/furious,’ and, honestly, we think it may be our favorite Willow song to date. 

Taking a more reflective and introspective tone, the song discusses the idea of growing up and tackling the complexities of life, highlighting a sense of uncertainty about the future and what it holds. To celebrate the greatness of these lyrics, we’ve picked out three of our favorites to break down and explore for you!

“The wind in the trees whispering mathematics // I always knew I tried my best to talk back”

Here, the idea of ‘the wind in the trees’ acts as a metaphor for life and destiny, with ‘mathematics’ suggesting the idea that our fates and destinies in this world are predetermined or already decided for us. Willow fights against this, however, by using her ability to ‘talk back’ and forging her own path. This is reflective of her real life, where she was previously pigeonholed as an R&B singer or a pop artist. Willow has, obviously, now stepped away from those genres, focusing more on a darker and rockier sound. Honestly, we’d listen to any genre as long as it was Willow singing it. 

“And when nobody wants to talk about it // All that we can do is step into dread, that’s what I said”

This line, again, references the idea of fate and navigating the future, with many being comfortable sitting in the ‘dread’ of the future rather than taking control of their own destiny. Willow, however, emphasizes that she isn’t comfortable doing that, choosing instead to move ahead and encouraging those around her to do the same.  

“Win or lose, right or wrong // It’s a battle that’s all in your mind”

This line is probably the best example of Willow’s discussion of life’s complexities. The contradictions of ‘win or lose’ and ‘right or wrong’ are used to show the fact that there is no clear path through life and that our choices are all an internal ‘battle.’ Willow is ultimately suggesting that it’s up to everyone to individually decide what the right way to go is and that we all need to forge our own paths in life, even if they do not appear the clearest at first glance. 

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So, what do you think of ‘curious/furious?’ Are you as hyped for the new Willow album as we are? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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