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4 Things We Love About Ravi’s Love And Holiday

4 Things We Love About Ravi’s Love And Holiday

Welcome, all you K-Pop bees! We at THP are back to bring you word on the latest comebacks, and today, we’re showing some love for Ravi. Ravi has just released his seventh EP, Love and Holiday, and we didn’t know we could love him any more than we already did!

Ravi's Love and Holiday album artwork
Image Source: GROOVL1N

Ravi’s Love and Holiday features nine (yes, nine!) addictive tracks with Ravi’s signature rock and punk rock sound. Of course, he contributed to writing and composing each of his songs. Ravi shows us, once again, why he deserves recognition for his talents as a solo artist with this new mini-album.

Here are just four of the things we love about Ravi’s Love and Holiday!

The Title Track

We stan a man who stans his fans. It’s hard to describe how emotional we get whenever we see a montage full of concert videos and behind-the-scenes clips. And the music video for ‘Kiss You’ has just that. Ravi makes our dreams come true, and we feel like we were actually at Ravi’s Revoir concerts back in May. And ‘Kiss You’ shows off Ravi’s high notes, which we can always appreciate!

The Verses In ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ Feat. Ourealgoat, 365lit, And Blase

Let’s be real. ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ is one of the LITTEST songs on Ravi’s Love and Holiday. Not only does the beat go hard, but everyone’s verse on this track is worth raving about. Ravi, Ourealgoat, 365lit, and Blase rap about ignoring the world in pursuit of their dreams. They grind in the studio every day to achieve their goals, no matter what the haters say. ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ belongs in your motivation and gym playlists. Period.

The Lyrics In ‘Joe Goldberg’

If you’re like us, you paused when you saw ‘Joe Goldberg’ on the Love and Holiday tracklist. We were definitely interested in finding out what this song was about, and Ravi’s clever wordplay is something YOU will have to find out for yourself. (Get it?) The way we see it, Ravi is singing as the character of Joe Goldberg. He would ride or die (or kill) for his lover, no questions asked, but he wants to know if they would do the same for him.

The Message Of ‘Holiday’

The last song on Ravi’s Love and Holiday is a bittersweet one. ‘Holiday’ is about someone getting ready to leave for some time and asking their lover to wait for them. They feel nervous about being separated from each other, but they reassure their partner that they’ll be back and even make plans for when they do. As Ravi prepares for enlistment, we’ll hold ‘Holiday’ especially close to our hearts.

From the album artwork to the individual tracks, Ravi‘s Love and Holiday exceeded every expectation we had. We can only imagine getting lit to this EP at one of Ravi’s concerts, but that won’t stop us from having solo dance parties.

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