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‘Feelin’ Like’ You Need More Pentagon Music? Here’s Their Japanese Comeback!

‘Feelin’ Like’ You Need More Pentagon Music? Here’s Their Japanese Comeback!

We still haven’t gotten over the masterpiece that was Pentagon‘s IN:VITE U with the title track ‘Feelin’ Like!’ And while we wait for a new comeback from the group, they’re back with a Japanese comeback that combines the Japanese version of two of the best songs from IN:VITE U with two brand new amazing songs.

Image Source: CUBE Entertainment

The Japanese Versions

Like most K-Pop groups do for their Japanese comebacks, Pentagon released the Japanese version of two songs from IN:VITE U – the title track ‘Feelin’ Like’ and the b-side ‘Sparkling Night.’ And they sound just as good in Japanese!

Even though we clearly miss Hongseok and Yanan’s voices that are on the original song, ‘Feelin’ Like‘ keeps its original elegant charm and it feels so natural to listen to it in Japanese. The same can be said about ‘Sparkling Night’ – it doesn’t lose that bittersweet yet addictive and catchy vibe. And of course, it’s always amazing to hear Yuto rap in his native tongue.

Even if these songs haven’t left our minds since their release (because yes, they’re that good), it feels good to revisit them and Pentagon definitely did it wonderfully. There’s something about these versions that just hit different!

Two New Songs

What’s even more exciting about this release is, of course, the new songs. Along with the Japanese version of ‘Sparkling Night’ and both the Japanese and Instrumental versions of ‘Feelin’ Like,’ Pentagon released two new songs: ‘Don’t’ and ‘Mr. Wolf.’ Both of these songs include participation from the members (as expected from Pentagon) – Kino and Wooseok for ‘Don’t,’ and Kino and Jinho for ‘Mr. Wolf.’

‘Don’t’ might start chill, but it quickly picks up, all while keeping an emotional melody with lyrics about a relationship falling apart. The upbeat rhythm creates a bittersweet vibe and makes ‘Don’t’ have the same energy as an anime outro – and we’re obsessed with it. Meanwhile, ‘Mr. Wolf’ could easily be a perfect addition to IN:VITE U. It has that groove and feel we loved from the b-sides in that EP. It’s a bop, what else can we say? Pentagon truly never misses even with Japanese releases, and these were the two perfect complements to the ‘Feelin’ Like’ era that we’re still not over.

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Image Source: CUBE Entertainment

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