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Floating Astronauts And Falling Confetti: A Dreamer’s Review of The DPR REGIME TOUR

Floating Astronauts And Falling Confetti: A Dreamer’s Review of The DPR REGIME TOUR

Give us a second to gather our thoughts, we’re still reeling from the absolute other-worldly experience that was the DPR REGIME TOUR concert in Orlando. From the moment we stepped through the front doors of the venue, it became what DPR REM has deemed the “DPR THEME PARK” which we think is the perfect way to describe it.

There are plenty more stops on the DPR REGIME TOUR and while most dates are sold out, we highly recommend checking out if you can catch a show near you! We’ll tell you everything about our experience, but first, why don’t we get to know DPR a bit better? 


Dream Perfect Regime, better known as DPR, is a creative collective founded in 2015. Their website describes them as a “multi-genre music and video group.” The tight-knit team consists of DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, DPR CREAM, and DPR REM.

Image Source: DPR REM Official Instagram

Their sense of connectedness fuels the innovative and boundary-breaking nature of the content they craft. It also gives their fans, known as Dreamers, a sense of witnessing and sharing in the process of something legendary. We have a feeling this moment is only a lift-off for DPR and we have no doubt they’re set to pass up the stars. All right, are you feeling a bit more familiar with DPR? Perfect! Now, let’s dig into one of the best nights of our lives! 


After waiting excitedly in line for over two hours and receiving help from the kind House of Blues staff with a troublesome ticket app, we finally made our way past the security guards and into the stunning rock and roll shrine of a venue. Above the usual pre-concert chatter and merch-buying buzz, we recognized a very distinct Australian accent. DPR IAN’s voice spoke in a casual tone as he pondered aloud on his music. 

Members of DPR had recorded their conversations and played them over the venue speakers in the lobby and even in the bathroom. Yes, while you checked your hair and took photos with friends you could listen in to DPR discussing their music, the show, and more. That was our first hint at what a brilliant and creative show it was about to be. 


As we found our place next to the most welcoming Dreamers who made us feel like we’d known them for years, suddenly the lights burned bright orange and DPR CREAM entered the stage to the deafening screams of fans. 

He opened the entire show right with beats that hyped the crowd up, growing their energy and anticipation for the rest of the concert. From the first note on, we witnessed Dreamers with their hands in the air dancing along with glowing smiles on their faces. While his set was the shortest, DPR CREAM’s music left a powerful impact on the rest of the night.



Image Source: Nina Negrón for THP

Each member brought their own vibe to the stage and DPR LIVE’s was a full-on party! We’re having trouble deciding where to begin. From the massive inflatable astronaut that waved as it left the stage to the short theatrical play about his background that he acted out between songs, DPR LIVE made us feel as though we had walked straight into a live art show. 

During ‘Hula Hoops’—a song that remains on constant repeat—colorful pool floats shot out at the unsuspecting crowd. It was a fun surprise that kept us wondering what on earth they would come up with next.

One floaty remained on stage but not for long. A grinning DPR LIVE tossed it into the energetic crowd where it then became a conduit for tug of war between two adoring fans. Congratulations to the Dreamer who took it home!

DPR LIVE even planned for the first three to four rows of fans to wear pink wigs during his song ‘Yellow Cab’ to surprise the other Dreamers. We stan a man with a plan.

As he took a break between songs, DPR LIVE addressed the crowd. He reminded us all to be present and enjoy the moment because nothing in the future is promised. In a moment of spontaneity, he even had us greet our Dreamer neighbors which was hilarious, sweet, and made everyone truly feel like DPR and Dreamers are one big family.



He emerged from a stage as dark as night as beams of light flashed around him like blinking stars. The mellow yet epic tones of ‘MITO’ were drowned beneath the thrilling screams of eager fans as they caught their first glimpses of long black hair or the shoulder of a finely detailed black suit. As a bright light broke through the darkness, two enormous black wings spread to the sides as he rose from the thickening fog swirling on stage. DPR IAN had arrived.

Once again, we were floored, stunned, and left with no words as we watched DPR IAN’s captivating performance take place. We couldn’t help but be reminded of the lyrics from his song ‘Winterfall:’

“I’m cornered by your delusion that I might be an angel
Where are your wings? Where are the wings?”

Looks like DPR IAN found those wings of his 👀. His set was just as full of unexpected turns as the first part of the show. During ‘Scaredy Cat,’ hands popped out from behind the curtain and interacted with him to the lyrics of the song. The thread of theater found its way from DPR LIVE’s short skit to this moment and reminded us just how brilliant DPR is as a whole.

The impressive feats didn’t end there, this is DPR we’re talking about after all. DPR IAN also showcased his dancing abilities during ‘Ribbon’ and ended the song with a giant inflatable hand pulling him off of the stage (see the second video.)

During one of his ments, DPR IAN said that he always asks himself “why he’s doing this” and that it honestly is for Dreamers. He encouraged fans to go after their own dreams, saying “If you’re someone that’s like pursuing or wanting to pursue what you love doing, I say just go for it.”

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Once again, the connection between DPR and Dreamers was highlighted and it’s true, there’s something about this fandom that’s just different.


All Good Things Must Come To An End

Two hours of non-stop visually and sonically astounding moments came to a close with the entire crew joining DPR CREAM, DPR LIVE, and DPR IAN on stage for their final farewell to fans. ‘To Myself’ became the soundtrack to the sweet ending of a night, unlike anything we have ever experienced before. As Dreamers enthusiastically chanted song lyrics along with DPR, the evening came full circle and was tied nicely with a bow in the form of colorful streamers shot out by DPR themselves.

Even after the stage emptied and the lights dimmed, DPR LIVE returned briefly to the stage and danced to the encore chants of dedicated Dreamers who hadn’t moved an inch, still under the enchantment of the Fully Immersive DPR Show. 

It really felt as though when the DPR REGIME TOUR was being planned they asked themselves “How many insanely cool things can we fit into the show that will amaze Dreamers and make this the best concert of their lives?” Because clearly, they accomplished that goal.

As DPR’s main big brain behind tours, DPR REM truly outdid himself. Our metaphorical hat goes off to him and his ingenious creative direction. There really is no one doing it like DPR.


Image Source: Nina Negrón for THP

Dear DPR, thank you for dedicating your time, energy, and passion to create everything you do so fans like us can experience something indescribably exceptional and unique. We’re keeping our calendars open for the next world tour! 😉😁

Dreamers, did you attend a stop of the DPR REGIME TOUR? Which songs do you love from the setlist? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

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