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5 Nickelback Songs To Get You Hyped For Get Rollin’

5 Nickelback Songs To Get You Hyped For Get Rollin’


Nickelback are releasing a new album? WHAT? It is called Get Rollin’ and it is coming out in November? We are so ready! This is going to be the rock band‘s tenth studio album, and the fact it has been a while since their last release makes us so hyped, you don’t even understand!

Ok, maybe you do. Maybe you are also bopping to their old songs, trying to pass the time until November 18. How about we join our recommendations? You tell us yours, and we will tell you ours. Let us start! Here are a few songs from their discography that we have loved since forever, along with one new one.

That’s right, one new one! Nickelback dropped the lead single from the Get Rollin’, ‘San Quentin,’ and it quickly made it to our playlists. It was love at first listen!

‘San Quentin’

Just like how the crowd is running to listen to Nickelback in the music video, we are excitedly (and impatiently) anticipating Get Rollin’! We don’t need to find an alibi or justify ourselves! This song rocks and no one can deny it!

Nickelback are greeting us with some incredible sounds after a while and it is only right to respond in the proper way. That is, in our case, blasting the single as many times as we can before the album drops and gives us, even more, playlist-worthy music pieces.

‘Song On Fire’

Now, here’s a song to get us started on our journey down memory lane. The pre-chorus has us wrapped around its little finger (if it had one) and the way the chorus slams a moment later has us hooked in a way we don’t want to get free from.

We have been in love with ‘Song On Fire’ since its release, and we still are. Nickelback have some beautiful clips with good story plots, and this is definitely one of them.

‘She Keeps Me Up’

Now, you may say this gives a different vibe from Nickelback’s usual rock sound. You are right, but is the song good? Also an affirmative answer. When we say ‘She Keeps Me Up’ we mean the song because we simply can’t stop grooving along. Time to take the dance floor and show us your moves too!


This one is a little different as well, yet still has that Nickelback sound that we love so much. ‘Lullaby’ not only has a more gentle tune but also touches our hearts through its music video. This single brings up some emotions in us. We are not just loving but also appreciating the message that ‘Lullaby’ holds. Whenever there is a hard time and it feels like it is too much to handle, remember, to give it one more try! Music helps a lot in such moments, and this song is a great example of that! Keep it in mind!

‘Savin’ Me’

Speaking of emotions brought up by songs, ‘Savin’ Me’ is another example. The reason this time is, a very strong nostalgic feeling. Do you also remember singing along to this timeless masterpiece, because we sure do! Nickelback gave it not only memorable lyrics and sound but also a video to match it. Like watching a short movie, we felt teleported back to our younger days just by listening to ‘Savin’ Me.’

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Picking only five tracks was a hard job, believe us. We could have added so many more tracks from the band’s musical history, but we wanted to keep it short, yet still have you wanting more! Did our little plan work?

Nickelback are bringing us Get Rollin’ on November 18 with a total of 15 incredible tracks, 4 of which are special acoustic versions that will be included in the Deluxe edition.

Make sure to pre-save and order the album here, we already did!

Get Rollin’ Tracklist:
  1. ‘San Quentin’
  2. ‘Skinny Little Missy’
  3. ‘Those Days’
  4. ‘High Time’
  5. ‘Vegas Bomb’
  6. ‘Tidal Wave’
  7. ‘Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?’
  8. ‘Steel Still Rusts’
  9. ‘Horizon’
  10. ‘Standing In The Dark’
  11. ‘Just One More’
  12. ‘High Time (Acoustic)’ *
  13. ‘Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing? (Acoustic)’ *
  14. ‘Just One More (Acoustic)’ *
  15. ‘Horizon (Acoustic)’ *
    * Get Rollin’ Deluxe Version

So, now it is your turn to share your playlist with us! What are some of your all-time favorite Nickelback songs? What did you think of ‘San Quentin?’ Catch us on Twitter with your thoughts! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!


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