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SOLE’s Album Is Everything We Imagined!

SOLE’s Album Is Everything We Imagined!

We listen to music to disconnect from the real world and dive into our favorite vocals. SOLE’s newest album is the greatest example of it. We have instantly fallen in love with her songs! The gems included in this release are so unique, and they fit perfectly with the Korean R&B feel. Are you ready to enter the imagine club with us? Let’s get into this great release and our favorite tracks from the album!

SOLE new album
Image Source: SOLE (@sounditsme) on Instagram


imagine club starts with SOLE’s vocals in ‘imagine’ to open our heavenly journey through this album. The focus on her voice at the very beginning is the perfect way to introduce us to her artistry, and the layering in the track is so well-crafted! It’s the greatest intro to play if you need a chill soundtrack. From start to finish (the note at the end gave us goosebumps), it’s just a perfect song!


‘daydream’ immediately follows ‘imagine’ to continue our fairytale state of mind. This track makes us feel like we’re in a Disney movie! The string-based instrumental throughout the song is incredible, and the chorus adds a princess vibe that we adore! ‘daydream’ really knows how to fit into imagine club by making us feel that our imagination can flow wild while listening to this song. So, so good!

‘i’m always by your side’

While listening to SOLE’s album in order, you will realize that ‘i’m always by your side’ plays with a different instrumental than the previous tracks, adding an alternative atmosphere and deeper vocals. The contrast between SOLE’s voice and the creative production after the chorus keeps the record fresh. We can assure you that the one-of-a-kind feel makes this song timeless, and it truly can be on repeat for days on end.

‘blurry’ (feat. Jooyoung)

imagine club includes collaborations with different Korean rappers, and ‘blurry’ is our favorite collaboration from this release! SOLE and Jooyoung combine perfectly in this track to give us an incredible duet that describes how the world might get blurry. It’s a love letter to those who allow us to keep holding on. This song is like an honest apology, allowing us to keep moving forward with that person. 10/10!


This flawless ballad is the most emotional song from SOLE’s newest album. It truly gives us chills every time we listen to it! ‘summer’ focuses on her gorgeous voice and a subtle piano that accompanies the track. It allows us to take a deep breath to connect with the sky and our time to disconnect. It’s such a beautiful song!

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‘ore ore’

‘ore ore’ also starts with an instrumental from a fairytale, and the music video allows us to visualize SOLE’s imagination. The song makes references to loving everything that someone might love, with complete freedom, while also feeling alive thanks to someone’s affection, forever and ever. We love the way these two concepts interact in this track!

What’s your favorite track from SOLE’s new album? Are you enjoying imagine club as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below, or hop over to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And for more of our coverage on Korean music, click here!


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