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Dear Girl Of My Dreams, Here Are Some Music Video Concepts From Our Wildest FLETCHER Fantasies!

Dear Girl Of My Dreams, Here Are Some Music Video Concepts From Our Wildest FLETCHER Fantasies!

In the days counting down to an album going from sitting in the artist’s hands –we’re looking at every aesthetically pleasing TikTok video ever of signed albums scattering the floor, in which case, we need ten! – to the CD sliding into our stereos, we’ve already thought up just how we’d like their new era to go. Of course, some of those choices only get a spotlight in our imaginations, and one of them is their music videos! From the ‘Cruel Summer’ of 2019 with Taylor Swift’s Lover looking a little less pink, to the ‘Pretty Please’ MV still locked in the same spaceship Dua Lipa exited from for Future Nostalgia, and even some hits only being left as lyric visualizers for FLETCHER’s. Though Girl Of My Dreams just came out, so there’s hope! 

Yep, you’ve read that correctly! Despite memorizing every lyric to those 13 songs with the help of Genius, Girl Of My Dreams only made its debut as FLETCHER’s first album a few days ago on Friday, September 16. It follows the same artist structure of a diary, with the album chronicling that very first ‘Sting’ upon breaking up with your long-term partner and then eventually finding yourself after realizing self-love isn’t a side effect of being on the rebound, with ‘For Cari.’ As much as we can speak about the album’s sound – each beat, rattle, and shake represents a stroke of color bouncing off FLETCHER’s body on the cover art – it’s the vulnerable lyrics that really have us saying ‘I Love You, B**ch.’ 

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Curating the Vision Board

So far, ‘Becky’s So Hot’ has had its moment to shine with Bella Thorne and FLETCHER making out on a motorcycle, and there’s a short trailer for the ‘Girl of My Dreams’ MV, but what do we want to see from her? Upon listening to your favorite track, is there a story playing in your head packed with visuals and fan castings, and gorgeous locations? Maybe we’re getting too ahead of ourselves, or FLETCHER is the latest name we’re adding to the list of artists hypothetically hiring us to help bring these visions to life. 

When my mom was younger she had a dream of a girl with long black hair riding on a horse, but she could never see what the girl’s face looked like. She had a feeling that the girl might be the daughter she’d have one day, but I turned out to be nothing like that girl. To me it’s a metaphor for growing up queer in a small conservative town, and feeling like I wasn’t any of the things that people maybe thought or hoped I would be. As I explored my queerness later on, there were a whole series of people who I thought could be the girl of my dreams. But after so many years of looking outside myself, I finally came to the realization that the girl of my dreams is me.


‘Birthday Girl’

‘Birthday Girl’ is co-written with JP Saxe and Ryan Marrone and is perhaps the music nod to Taylor Swift despite the lyric “I like your T. Swift T-shirt on the ground” sticking out on ‘Her Body Is Bible.’ The track utilizes Taylor’s masterclass in vivid imagery to ask a question not many people have to answer! What does one do when you can’t necessarily place your birthday into the box of things from your ex-girlfriend you’re willing to burn, instead being the lasting reminder of what you shared, including that one special date? 

We’re exploring the concept of Blake Lively’s The Age of Adaline with this music video, which sees the girl birthed with the same name experience a car accident that drastically alters her state, making it timeless. She no longer ages but watches those around her do, including an older lover played by Harrison Ford. Although the movie follows a different relationship, the person being Harrison’s character’s son, it’s fascinating to think of an Adaline attracted to those who share her birthday as a further nudge to her lack of mortality. With the color scheme being gold, which usually ties in with celebrating the new age, and lots of references to previous birthdays, this music video would make you think and be really glitzy! 

‘Better Version’

‘Better Version’ is just as stripped down as FLETCHER is in its visualizer, looking out into the grayscale open as her hair is sleeked back, bringing focus to a solitary cross earring dangling. And the moment of thinking, if it’ll crystalize into vibrant color, dissipates the second we hear the staticky radio dial in the intro. She’s overtaken every platform to get out the things she’s been holding in: the anguish of wondering why she didn’t deserve the best version of her ex. 

Following the lead of Katy Perry’s and Dua Lipa’s music video spin-offs that saw particular songs in both the Smile and Future Nostalgia eras given animation makeovers, this music video concept inserts you into the video game: ‘Better Version.’ Glitching between the game itself and real life, players take themselves throughout their relationship, where they can pause on meet-cutes, rewind break-ups, or even fast forward the healing process! All are implying that going through several levels of dating will eventually lead to its completion, finishing the game with the person you marry. Will you buy an extra life so you can try again with your previous boo? Or are you just the best playa and know you’ll be okay regardless? 

‘Girl Of My Dreams’

Although with promises of a music video with a short trailer released, we couldn’t just leave this title track off the list, could we, especially when we’ve had it on replay? Upon first glance, Girl Of My Dreams seems to be another rock star channeling of ‘Becky’s So Hot,’ but in a narrative twist, it’s about looking inwards and acknowledging the girl she was trying to manifest all along was herself. It’s reflective and confronting, especially when you’re still on the healing journey

Molding into the ideal version of ourselves shouldn’t always be a trying time, and in fact, it can be quite joyous to think about our futures, and who else better to look to for fun references than Little Mix? Their ‘Bounce Back’ music video sees them becoming fashionable dolls throwing a party in their owner, a little girl’s doll house. Now, see the doll house as the location but with a variation of rooms for different versions of FLETCHER, each having something completely different from the other, so it’s like they’re the variations of her from alternate realities!

It all starts with one of the rooms hosting the FLETCHER we know attending a 25-day love yourself course, hearing mantras, before she gets up to explore the other rooms of the doll house, thinking up the perfect version of who she wants to be. To end it, the dollhouse owner takes her out of it, brushing her hair to leave her on the nightstand, FLETCHER providing a cheeky wink to let us know she’s real and ecstatic to be herself! 

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Manifesting Her Into Existence

While you’ve caught the creative bug by beginning to write your treatments for a FLETCHER music video, we’ll be spending every waking minute thinking about our tour fit! FLETCHER’s North American Girl Of My Dreams Tour marks the fourth headliner for her this year, starting up with the pitstop to Orlando, Florida, on October 11th and ending in the city of smoky glitter eyeshadows, Los Angeles, on November 17th! 

You can purchase tickets by clicking on her website. Visually presented as a late-night den for the mystic, it’s a one-stop for all of our FLETCHER predictions, with the latest conjuring of Boston’s sell-out. By peering into our own crystal balls, showing flashes of steamy, messy fun, it also prophecies that tickets will be snatched up quickly. So why not gather your other witchy friends and see FLETCHER on tour? 

If you’ve screamed “Hell yes” to seeing FLETCHER on tour – and if not, go ask that question again, then return here! – what song from the album are you looking forward to hearing live the most? Still can’t settle on one? No worries, Girl Of My Dreams is streaming from all musical platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, helping you decide on that ultimate top-tier caliber song. Once you’ve claimed it, let us know by interacting on our socials, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!  


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