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Shawn Mendes Launched The Wonder Of Music Program And It’s Just Another Reason He’s An IRL Superhero

Shawn Mendes Launched The Wonder Of Music Program And It’s Just Another Reason He’s An IRL Superhero

There are so many reasons why we love our faves, from the pure talent that oozes from their recently released bangers, to retweeting a designer frock that they’ve rocked on the red carpet. Sometimes it’s hard to sum all of it up in one word! Help us try… Awe-inspiring? Amazeballs? Astonishing? See! There isn’t an adjective big enough, which isn’t purely because we’re only listing out those starting with the letter A. To think, on top of that, they’re somewhere, using all of their wondrous, do-gooder powers to boomerang back just as much love they receive from us, has us thinking that they’re somewhat of a, dare we say it, superhero! 

One of those singers spotted in a superhero costume once they’ve left the arena is Shawn Mendes, and if we were to get particular, it’d most likely be the Spider-Man suit. However, his love for the web-fingered slayer isn’t why we are pointing him out as a neighborhood hero, but rather through forming The Shawn Mendes Foundation. The organization began in 2019 and has supported so many causes since! 

Image Source: @elizabethgillies on Tumblr

Shawn Mendes has a long past of donning the suit, though, way before his foundation started, and even now, as it’s off the ground, he seeks out projects where he’s able to put some kindness out there! While we cannot list all the nice things he’s done – he is Canadian; after all – here are just five! 

Slipping Into Vulnerability

Justin Baldoni may have risen to fame as the uber-attractive hotel owner in Jane The Virgin, who stole Miss Villanueva’s heart as she fell into her own telenovela shake-up when she got artificially inseminated with his baby, but these days, he’s known for The Man Enough Podcast! Alongside co-hosts Liz Plank and Jamey Heath, over an hour is spent talking with celebrity guests about men’s traditional role in society and how important it can be to go against it!

Shawn joined the gang for the episode uploaded on June 28th of last year and discussed stripping down the good guy image to become more human. This is a top-tier recommendation!

Protecting Earth’s Wonder

Image Source: Shawn Mendes Official Instagram

Sometimes the show still goes on, but there’s a mid-pause before it does. Maybe it’s because of technical difficulties, or the rain just resonates with the melancholy tunes, or when it comes to Shawn’s, to support climate change! Hidden behind his guitar during a show in São Paulo, Brazil, was the capitalized message “Climate Action Now” scrawled in bright neon green.

I was in Brazil, and there were crazy fires happening in the Amazon rainforest at the time. And they were supposed to hold Cop 25 in Brazil, which is basically where world leaders get together and talk about how to solve climate change. Or try to. And Brazil pulled out, and the country was really kind of upset and angry, and there were demonstrations. It felt like there was a lot of anger and a lot of upset, and it felt like they weren’t being heard. And I was playing in Sao Paulo that night, and we just did something simple like that.

Shawn Mendes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This isn’t the only time Shawn’s channeled his inner environmental warrior, as through The Shawn Mendes Foundation, his now canceled Wonder: the World Tour looked to have a greener makeover! Merch made up of sustainable fabrics and fewer dyes could’ve been spotted in the arena, with those fans knowing why the sun was beaming as bright as their faces upon spotting Shawn, because of an Impact Village at each tour stop, informing its benefits.

Photographers, you still would’ve been able to capture Shawn Mendes in an indigo glow, too, as with the aid of energy-efficient lighting and power supply, the shows were due to have reduced emission levels. So while we’re super bummed to be letting go of the experience, the amount of thought Shawn put into this tour supports the theory that he’s actually a superhero!

Image Source: GIPHY

Singing in Union

The music industry has become more diverse than ever, with English-speaking singers collaborating with those whose mother tongue is another language. So if there were a meeting ground where they could come together to get their groove on, it would be Global Citizen Live. Basically, it’s a festival live streamed across six continents with its guest list as diverse. It’s all for a good cause, too. While it’s a free event – with attendees selected by participating in their app – Global Citizen reaches out to corporations, organizations, and nations for pledges, announcing these between sets. 

Shawn’s been on the guest list for several years now, including a together-at-home performance with Camila Cabello in 2020, letting their soulful rendition of ‘What A Wonderful World’ echo around a quaint room from a candlelit piano. Most recently, the festival took to the Great Lawn in Central Park, where attendees even had a poetry reciting from Fanta Ballo as Shawn invited her on stage. Shawn discovered her while scrolling on his phone, and it only filled us up with so many other questions, including what was the first poem he found of hers? We’d be the first to watch it if he ever wanted to drop it. 

Sustainable Water

Suppose we spotted Shawn with a new Starbucks order. In that case, it’d be the first thing we tried upon stepping into the venue, so you can imagine the amount of room we cleared in our fridge when he became the sustainability ambassador for Flow! The eco-friendly packaged water is good for us, but it’s also pretty great for the environment as the company focuses on creating a low carbon footprint.

This was back in April of last year, the month celebrating Mother Earth – although Shawn has worked with them previously, not the parent of all being, FYI, Flow! – with other celebrities also fronting the campaign. As an added incentive to Shawn’s campaign, Flow helped dish out Wonder Grants as a part of his foundation. Those grants helped support sustainability activists, including Fanta Ballo, yep, the same spoken poetry artist we were talking about earlier! 

Image Source: Tommy Agriodimas for Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Musical Therapy

We are so grateful to Shawn and The Shawn Mendes Foundation Canada for their incredible support of SickKids and the music therapy program. For many children and families in the hospital, music therapy is an opportunity to express and process a complex range of emotions – such as anger, hurt, happiness, fear or hope – in a creative way. This generous gift will allow us to continue to support our patients through music.

Carolyn Marshall, Certified Music Therapist, The Hospital for Sick Children

Maybe we’re unable to fully put ourselves into the shoes of those who are having a more challenging time, but often we can relate in the tiniest of ways, and in this case, it’s when our comfort celebs help us recuperate when we’re sick. Possibly by diving under the blankets to get lost in a fictional world as it unfolds across our Netflix screen or by hitting play on an upbeat song that holds positive memories.

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For Shawn, it’s always been the latter, letting it soothe his anxiety as a way of therapy. Thereby hoping it’ll do the same for children under the guidance of SickKids Toronto Hospital by thinking up The Wonder of Music Program as part of The Shawn Mendes Foundation, committing $1 million to the music-driven therapy program. As the children are so young, some may even hear the gift of music for the first time under this program, and we think that’s pretty special!

The activities in the program include the typical hobbies of a singer but with a youth twist: song writing, custom lullabies, and music education. Additionally, Music Therapists at SickKids offer a unique service where they can create a song purely using the patients’ heartbeats, imagine Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams.’

Image Source: SickKids Foundation

The Ultimate Fan Memorabilia

To go with the music theme, Shawn has partnered up with Martin Guitar to release his own guitar, and honestly, with how much his fingers twiddle its strings, we’re not the least surprised that this is his next step! Although we’re excited to see who’s the fresh, new artist who perhaps taught themselves with the 000Jr-10E, made of sustainable wood and recycled features. A contribution from these sales will benefit the Wonder of Music Program.

The custom guitar is already on sale and knowing just how fast anything-Shawn related becomes sold out, be sure to get in quick by visiting the Martin Guitar website if you’d like one! You can also donate to the SickKids Foundation by clicking here and venture over to The Shawn Mendes Foundation to read more about the positivity they’re putting into the world. 

Shawn spends so much time participating in activism that it’s hard to shift them all down into five acts of kindness. Is there one we’ve left off the list that brought a smile to your face? Let us know by interacting with us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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