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The Rose Took Us On A Journey Back To ‘Childhood’

The Rose Took Us On A Journey Back To ‘Childhood’

Well, we’re sobbing. The Rose has made their long-awaited, highly anticipated comeback and we thought we were emotionally prepared but we—really— weren’t. ‘Childhood’ is the first track to be released from their upcoming album HEAL which is set to drop on October 7, 2022. Go ahead and pre-save and preorder HEAL, you’re not going to want to miss out! Okay, before you watch the music video for ‘Childhood’ we would highly recommend grabbing some tissues first.

“Don’t live your life like you have a thousand years
Ready for you to waste your time on regrets”

Now, do you see why we told you to have tissues on hand? ‘Childhood’ explores the feeling of growing up and forgetting how to dream freely. That melancholy sense of losing that innate creativity and wish to pursue what we love that we all have when we are young, is captured by the simple guitar strums and soft piano.

While the lyrics mourn their regrets, the band doesn’t leave it there. They encourage themselves and their fans to keep going and to start chasing their dreams today

“Should’ve followed my own dreams
It’s better late than never, yeah, yeah”

Woosung and Dojoon sweetly and powerfully deliver their sentimental lyrics. Jaehyeong and Hajoon’s expressions during their close-ups made us tear up and the beauty of the dancer’s movements made something in our hearts shift completely. 

Image Source: The Rose Official Twitter

‘Childhood’ was written, composed, and arranged by The Rose also the vocal editing was done by member Dojoon. It’s clear this track is a piece of their hearts and we’re happy to share it.

But if that still wasn’t enough to get the tears flowing, the rose added a sweet and meaningful message at the bottom of their MV caption: “WE ROSE YOU. 🌹”

Image Source: Tenor

HEAL Album

HEAL will arrive for everyone to enjoy on October 7, 2022 but you can already pre-save the album and preorders have already opened up on The Rose’s website. There are two versions that both look incredible so you can go snag your copy (or copies) now!

A few months ago, The Rose asked fans to submit their stories of healing for a chance to meet the band and have them create a song based on the story submitted.

Image Source: The Rose Official Website

Many Black Roses jumped at the opportunity and we can’t wait to hear what incredible songs will come from this unique collaborative project! 

Garden of Memories Scavenger Hunt

We don’t have many details about the surprise scavenger hunt The Rose announced the same day their ‘Childhood’ MV dropped but we are thrilled! The scavenger hunt will begin on September 24, 2022, and continue until September 28, 2022.

What will it involve? Your guess is as good as ours, BRoses! Check out the countdown clock on their website while you wonder what we could be looking for. 


The Rose is gearing up for their HEAL TOGETHER WORLD TOUR which will start off in Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 2022, and come to an end in Barcelona, Spain on February 19, 2023. Many shows have already sold out, get your own tickets right here!

Image Source: The Rose Official Twitter

Official Lightstick 

On September 7, 2022, sales went live for The Rose’s first official lightstick. Two days later, it sold out. Fans crashed the website so hard that they were all kicked out and placed in a queue, in some instances for over two hours.

Image Source: The Rose Official Twitter

It was insane, it was exciting, and we just kept thinking one thing over and over again while we waited for a chance to get our own… Maybe the world is underestimating just how many Black Roses there are.

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The Rose had to upgrade venues for the tour to fit more fans in after shows sold out one after the other. If this is their comeback, we all need to gear up for their trajectory to bring them the global stardom they deserve. 

The Rose are asking Black Roses to help them give a name to their official lightstick, so, if you aren’t already part of their discord community, you may want to join and drop some ideas of your own!

Image Source: Tenor

*Takes a deep breath* Okay, that was a lot, we know. The Rose has been keeping Black Roses extremely busy lately and we are not complaining! Their pre-release single ‘Childhood,’ upcoming album HEAL, world tour, first official lightstick, and a mysterious scavenger hunt, The Rose have a million surprises up their sleeve and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for what they have in store next! 

Image Source: Tenor

Black Rose, what’s your favorite lyric from ‘Childhood? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

Do you need more from The Rose? Check out WOOSUNG’s solo EP MOTH!



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