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Omar Apollo’s Incredible NPR Tiny Desk Concert Debut

Omar Apollo’s Incredible NPR Tiny Desk Concert Debut

We all know that Omar Apollo is more than talented, but his NPR Tiny Desk debut was genuinely mind-blowing. Even if you aren’t an Omar Apollo fan quite yet, this will absolutely get you obsessed. Omar played four very special songs off of his new album called Ivory, including ‘En El Olvido’ alongside Mariachi Lindas! This Tiny Desk was extra special because it was in celebration of LatinX Heritage Month! The whole concert, Omar Apollo would not stop expressing how much fun he was having at his first time in the NPR office. You guys know here at THP, we love an artist who has fun while performing!

‘En El Olvido’

When Omar Apollo was asked by NPR about ‘En El Olvido,’ he spoke a lot about wanting to have a soft, warm, and tender voice for this song so that it’s something that would translate well live. Omar grew up on a ton of Spanish music, so naturally, he was very inspired, and we can tell he really gave it his all. Omar Apollo has a very special voice that has the talent and ability to perform in ways we’ve never seen before. He really showcases that vocal strength and versatility in this live performance of ‘En El Olvido.’


You guys are about to get… even more sad. This song is called ‘Evergreen.’

Omar Apollo, NPR Tiny Desk

How could you not be intrigued? The vulnerable emotion you can hear when Omar sings the lyrics “You know, you made me hate myself. Had to stop before I break myself. Should’ve broke it off to date myself. You didn’t deserve me at all.” is enough to make you feel the feelings Omar must have been feeling when writing ‘Evergreen.’ Sadness is obviously a negative emotion, but there is something so magical about a singer/songwriter who can make us feel their emotions while also wanting us to listen to the song over and over again. Omar Apollo is truly gifted at delivering a heart-breaking song while also driving us to want to hear it again and again, especially with this raw performance.

‘Evergreen’ has had an incredible amount of love and support. In fact, ‘Evergreen’ has been used in over 120,000 TikToks, 9 million global streams, and even made it onto Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist! We couldn’t be more proud of Omar Apollo!

Omar Apollo
Image Source: NPRMusic via Instagram


‘Petrified’ is not only one of our favorite Omar Apollo songs, but it’s also one of his favorites too! The song is performed with an elegant sort of ache, another very raw song with powerful vocals. It’s one of those songs that travel through your ears with a mixture of warmth but also the chill of the lingering emotions. His live vocals during this performance were truly impeccable.


This performance started off with a couple of giggles due to the fact that Omar Apollo had the lyrics written on his hand just in case! ‘Endlessly’ on NPR had a lot of fun energy from Omar and everyone performing with him. It was super fun and refreshing to watch this one with his beautiful voice and cute little dance moves!

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Omar Apollo
Image Source: GIFY

Omar Apollo ended his more than pleasurable NPR Tiny Desk debut with many thank you’s, I love you’s, and endless appreciation for the fans, his band, performers, and of course for NPR. It’s always revitalizing to see an artist spreading so much love and recognition. Now please excuse us while we go watch this Tiny Desk for the 50th time today. Truly, Omar Apollo is an absolute force. He’s the total package to be everyone’s favorite singer. He has the style, talent, skill, and heart. He never leaves the audience unfulfilled, whether that’s live or recorded. It was more than a pleasure to even view this NPR Tiny Desk.

Which Omar Apollo song performed on his NPR Tiny Desk debut was your favorite? Be sure to tweet us @thehoneypop. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook! The Honey POP wishes you a very happy LatinX Heritage Month!


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