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5 Highlights From LOONA’s 1st World Tour

5 Highlights From LOONA’s 1st World Tour

LOONA has been on tour for the past few months for their first ever world tour, and we can’t believe it’s already coming to its end. After touring in North America and Europe, the girls are coming back to Seoul in October to wrap up what has been an amazing tour. And as we look back on it, here are our favorite moments of LOONA’s 1st world tour!

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The Sub-units Performances

One of the best surprises from LOONA’s tour was to see sub-units perform. yyxy – Yves, Gowon, Olivia Hye and originally with Chuu as well – sang their ballad ‘One Way’ and it was absolutely beautiful, their vocals were just incredible. Meanwhile, 1/3 – Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul and Vivi – brought the energy back up with their fun and cute song: ‘You And Me Together.’ As Yeojin isn’t in any unit, she sang her song ‘My Melody’ along with Haseul. And to wrap up the unit section, Odd Eye Circle – Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry – sang the energetic ‘LOONATIC.’ It was great to see not only the chemistry of the members within their sub-units but also to hear these older songs live. And, it allowed them to show all the different sides of LOONA as a group.


There were so many b-sides that we absolutely loved to see live such as ‘열기’ and ‘WOW.’ But there’s something truly special about ‘Stylish.’ That song is one of LOONA’s most iconic b-sides and of course they would sing it live – it would be a crime not to. The vocals, the energy in the crowd, everything about this song is great and even more amazing live. This masterpiece just hits harder live. LOONA knew exactly what they were doing by putting this one on the setlist.


Now, this might sound weird to anyone that hasn’t seen the VCR. But the ones that have – you know exactly what we are talking about. For their VCR, LOONA chose to be comedic geniuses and have their own version of America’s Got Talent – also known as LOONA’s Got Talent. It managed to mix their charisma, their humor, their cute side, inner jokes and so much more. This VCR is peak LOONA and peak comedy. It served as the perfect interlude between the performances and as the perfect introduction to the ‘Pose‘ performance – which was insane live.

‘PTT (Paint The Town)’

LOONA has never had a bad title track in their whole career, and the energy anytime they would sing one of them was off the rails. ‘PTT (Paint The Town)‘ is one of LOONA’s most iconic title tracks and it has always hit – but it hits harder live. The energy they give with this song and the energy from the public is simply out of the world. Not only that, but seeing that song live is really a whole other experience and it enhances how powerful the song is.

The Encore

No matter the concert: encores are always special, but there was something extra special about LOONA’s. Their interaction with Orbits was always heartwarming during the entire concert, but it got even more beautiful when they came back to sing ‘Playback‘ – a song the members themselves wrote for their fans. Followed by their ments and their debut song ‘Hi High,’ LOONA’s concert always wrapped up beautifully and on a high. LOONA knew exactly how to put on a show and create a beautiful atmosphere with their fans. And we’re grateful for them.

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Image source: BlockBerry Creative

Did you get to see LOONA live for their 1st world tour? What is your favorite song in the setlist? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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