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5 Chen Songs That Showcase His Outstanding Voice

5 Chen Songs That Showcase His Outstanding Voice

Our admiration for Chen is endless. He is one of the best singers the world knows. Live or in the studio, he has an outstanding voice. We also salute his determination and his generosity as an artist. We thank him for giving us so much.

This lovely Jongdae is always there to set the mood and brighten things up with his infectious joy. He is not part of the beagle line for nothing (Chanyeol and Baekhyun are his partners in crime). We miss EXO so much *sobbing.* We know you’re missing them too, so here are five songs that showcase Chen’s outstanding voice. EXO-l and soon-to-be EXO-l, get ready to have your heart shaken.

‘LIGHTSABER’ X ‘Drop That’

‘Drop That’ comes from the only and therefore precious Japanese EXO album: ‘Countdown.’ Chen got the whole bridge to himself. And what can we say? He hits that note wonderfully. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about 👀. Chen just has such a divine voice.


We had to include this one. This song is a challenge; if you can sing it, you are beyond a mere mortal. Needless to say, it’s easy for Chen to take up the challenge. He just performs it with ease. And above all, we love the way the members look at their genius vocalist. We probably make up more than half of the views on this video. 


The concert version of ‘Universe’ is 100% one of our favorite songs. If anyone has doubts about how skilled each member is vocally, point them to this video. When Chen sings, whew it feels like we’re in heaven. We have this video on replay.

‘Hold You Tight’

Just released from the army, Chen offered us the song ‘Hold You Tight.’ Our Jongdae is the master of ballads. His voice is delightful and soothing. This is our new favorite Chen song (and the competition is tough).

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‘Hey Mama!’

EXO-CBX started on the simple fact that Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin are almost the same size, so visually, it’s perfect (we love their pragmatism). But the best part is that the three together make us melt with their vocals. And when it comes to ‘Hey Mama!’ it’s more than we can handle. This song live is top-tier.

What’s your favorite Chen song? Which track do you think shows off Chen’s vocals the most? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook


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