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David Suh Is The Hype Man We All Need In Our Life And Here’s Why

David Suh Is The Hype Man We All Need In Our Life And Here’s Why

If you ever need a hype man, just know that David Suh is your guy! He has been able to grow his social media presence on TikTok and Instagram to 4M and 1M, respectively, not only because of his phenomenal photography skills, but also because of how confident, beautiful, comfortable, and empowered he makes his clients feel while doing photoshoots. If this is your first time hearing about this talented photographer (who has also photographed for K-pop group GHOST9), allow us to tell you a few reasons as to why you’ll want to book your next graduation or special event photoshoot with him. Or you know, you could book a session just for fun and show yourself some self-love, because why not? 

He Gives Great Posing Tips

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re not photogenic, that you’re awkward when posing for pictures, etc, leave all that negativity behind. David’s TikToks and IG reels will help you find your best angles to make you see yourself in a positive light. Your self-esteem will be on the next level thanks to him!

He Will Wear A Dress To Your Photoshoot

Next time you’re at a formal event or want to show off your fit, David will be sure to make you feel confident with his tips on how to take cool mirror selfies and how to find the right lighting. Plus, what’s better than you slaying in a dress with THE David Suh? 

He Will Make You Feel Like Your Most Authentic Self

Whatever vibe you want to give off in your pictures, David will help you achieve that. Remember, these pictures are for YOU. Whichever aesthetic you feel suits your personality the best and you’re most comfortable with is the one David will help capture during your photoshoot. Whether it’s a cottagecore or dark academia-themed photoshoot, it’s guaranteed you’ll end up leaving your session feeling like the queen, king, or other royal figure you are!

If you need more reasons as to why David would be a great hype man, this is what’s written in his IG bio: “I eat my client’s self doubt for breakfast.” We don’t know about you, but we’re sold! And you know what, we think the THP team might have to book a flight to Los Angeles because just writing this article is making us wanna book a photoshoot with David Suh! 

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Oh, and one more thing, did you know he offers a course on ‘How To Be Photogenic?’ So, we’re just going to leave this information here and slowly retreat.

Lastly, let us know which one of David’s tips for taking better pictures have helped you the most @thehoneypop! If you need helping choosing an outfit for your session, we got you! Make sure to check out our lifestyle-related articles here.


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