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‘This Is Why’ We Love Paramore So Much After All These Years

‘This Is Why’ We Love Paramore So Much After All These Years

Since 2004, Paramore have been dominating the pop-punk scene and our hearts, and the rest of 2022 is gonna be no different! Between dropping their new track ‘This Is Why’ on September 28th (make sure you pre-save that here) and gearing up for a fall tour, it’s time to get back into Paramore stan mode… as if we ever left Paramore stan mode. Between frontwoman Hayley Williams, drummer Zac Farro, and guitarist Taylor York, there’s so much raw talent in this group!

To celebrate Paramore’s triumphant comeback and incredible legacy, we wanted to break down some of the reasons we adore them so much! We could talk about how much we love them all day, but we’ll limit it to three reasons so we don’t keep you here too long. Anyway, sit back and let’s discuss…

Their Love For Fans

Paramore are constantly giving their all in everything they do, whether it’s a concert, their music, or another cool project. One of the coolest projects they’ve done is Hayley’s solo ‘Pure Love’ music video, which shows off her pure love for Paramore and fans through an adorable compilation of clips that fans took at various concerts. Since Covid cut off her tour in support of Petals For Armor, she found a fresh way to connect with her audience that makes us emotional over all the memories we’ve made with Hayley and Paramore through the years!

With the pandemic leaving many of us stranded and disconnected from one another, I thought of a way to celebrate some times we have already shared. It also gives me another way to celebrate the big love I feel for Paramore. Thank you for participating in this video compilation. To the good ol’ days and the future ones too… I love you all with a very Pure Love.

Hayley in the ‘Pure Love’ music video

More recently, Paramore have taken action against ticket resellers to make sure real fans can get access to concerts! To go to their New York show in November, you have to sign up with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program right here before the first round of tickets go on sale. They’ve also worked with Ticketmaster to prevent their Los Angeles tickets from getting resold for more than their initial price. We’re so glad they’re looking out for us! 

Their Music

Of course, we have to give a shoutout to Paramore’s incredible music! There’s not a single Paramore song we don’t like and it’s been so interesting to see how they reinvent their sound each era while still staying true to the vibes we all know and love. Hits like ‘Misery Business’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ definitely capture the fun, upbeat song of the band, but we also can’t get enough of more introspective moments like ‘26.’ There’s really nothing they can’t do!

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Their Bond As A Band

Hayley, Taylor, and Zac have been some of the longest-standing Paramore members – with Hayley being there from the start, Taylor joining in 2007, and Zac practically being there since the beginning with a little hiatus in the middle. So you’d expect them to be best friends, right? Luckily, they are, and their connection definitely shines through their music! They’ve taken on the world together and they’re showing no signs of stopping.

What are your favorite Paramore songs? Are you getting tickets to their fall tour? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Paramore content to get you excited for their comeback, click here.


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