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10 Throwback Machine Gun Kelly Songs That Prove He’s Been A Rockstar All Along

10 Throwback Machine Gun Kelly Songs That Prove He’s Been A Rockstar All Along

Machine Gun Kelly is a name everyone has an opinion about. There have been a lot of people online saying Kells was never a rockstar, but we think differently! Even before dropping Tickets To My Downfall in 2020, Kells has been making rock-influenced music for years, and here are 10 songs that prove it.


‘Habits’ appears on Kells’ album Bloom, released back in 2017. Kells is singing throughout the majority of this song with a little bit of rapping. ‘Habits’ has a huge trap essence to it beatwise – however, the lyrics are as rock as it gets.

‘Bad Mother F*cker’ Ft. Kid Rock

We’ve gone back to 2015 now, with ‘Bad Mother F*cker’ from General Admission. Kells’ part of this song is mainly rapping, but overall it is a country-rock-rap song hybrid. We’ve always loved how Kells is experimental with his music and having Kid Rock on this song is a perfect example!

‘Let You Go’

We’re back to the Bloom album for a fan favorite! ‘Let You Go’ has some awesome rock-style guitar parts in it and we consider it another hybrid song. In ‘Let You Go,’ we hear Kells mix his rap background with that rock influence we know and love.

‘Stereo’ Ft. Fitts of The Kickdrums

‘Stereo’ is almost as far back as you can go without a time machine. We got this one off of MGK’s Lace Up (Deluxe) from 2012. Here, we see yet another mixed song – there’s a xylophone in it for god’s sake! ‘Stereo’ shows off the rockstar energy Kells has and it does it in such a fun way.

‘Kiss The Sky’

We know you must be so tired of seeing songs on here from Bloom, but we can’t help it – Bloom showed us so much of Kells! ‘Kiss The Sky’ is so addicting, and the energy this song gives out won it a place on this list and a place in our hearts.

‘why are you here’

‘why are you here’ came out as a standalone single in 2019 before appearing on the deluxe edition of mainstream sellout in 2022. Now, hear us out, this might be one of Kells’s most addicting songs. The drums in this song make us want to headbang and the lyrics were made to be yelled out loud.

‘Candy’ Ft. Trippie Redd

Whether you enjoy Machine Gun Kelly’s music or not, we know for a fact you like something off his album Hotel Diablo. ‘Candy’ was one of Kells’ first collaborations with Trippie Redd. This is a song that you can tell sparked a lot of good vibes while recording, because it feels so fun when you listen!

‘Hollywood Whore’

‘Hollywood Whore’ is also on Hotel Diablo, and with this song, we can feel and hear so much of that grungy energy. It samples ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park, one of the best rock songs of the 2000s!

‘I Think I’m OKAY’ Ft. YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker

‘I Think I’m OKAY’ is the first collab between MGK and YUNGBLUD – these two have had one of our favorite friendships! ‘I Think I’m OKAY’ is straight rock not only in the musical elements, but in the lyrics and energy. Truly one of our favorites, and it marked Kells’ first song with Travis Barker as well.

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They say to save the best for last, so the last song is ‘Rehab,’ from Kells’ Bloom album. We think this song speaks for itself! Kells is a modern-day rockstar and has been one all along.

Being a “rockstar” is about so much more than making rock music. It’s about attitude and the way you approach life. Machine Gun Kelly has had that rockstar attitude for as long as we’ve known him. Are there any songs you would add to the list? We want to hear, so let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, or Facebook! Or you could drop a comment below 👇

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