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David Kushner Couldn’t ‘Burn’ Any Brighter With Footprints I Found

David Kushner Couldn’t ‘Burn’ Any Brighter With Footprints I Found

If you have opened TikTok anytime this year then you know David Kushner. Don’t recognize his name? You’ll for sure recognize one of his songs. David took over TikTok this year with his songs ‘Mr. Forgettable’ and ‘Miserable Man.’ He’s now collected millions of listeners and released his debut EP Footprints I Found under Virgin Records.

Miserable Man and Mr. Forgettable

‘Miserable Man’ and ‘Mr. Forgettable’ started everything. Both of these incredible songs blew up on TikTok and had us begging poor David to release them ASAP. No seriously, we were desperate and send huge props to David for being able to control the music-hungry zombies that overtook his comments!

‘Mr. Forgettable’ was dedicated to those struggling with mental health disorders or Alzheimer’s. It works in so many ways and offers a hand, out to those who need it letting you know to keep on.

Cannon Beach

Most of us have never been to Cannon Beach in Oregon but we might have to go now. ‘Cannon Beach’ reminds us we have one shot at life. David reminds us to stop and listen to our surroundings. Hear what the waves have to say. Throughout this song, David talks about going on a trip to Cannon Beach with his mom and now we wish for nothing more.


Burn might be our favorite from Footprints I Found if having a favorite were even possible. This song is not only painfully relatable, but it’s also beautifully magical and otherworldly. ‘Burn’ is the kind of song that urges you to close your eyes turn up the volume and travel to new galaxies within your mind.

Look Back And Laugh and oooWoo

Hopefully, we can all ‘Look Back And Laugh’ at bittersweet endings one day. David wrote both of these songs about the ending of a romantic relationship, knowing you have to leave for the best but a part of you still hoping you can reunite one day. However, we think if you’re entering a new chapter in your life whether it be through the end of a relationship, job, or something else these songs will fit perfectly.

David recently opened for Lauv and put together a video for ‘Look Back And Laugh’ with some clips from the shows.

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David Kushner is more than a singer, songwriter, or musician. He is a storyteller and a motivator for our generation. David’s only 21 so he’s got a lot of songs left in him and we are so excited to hear them all, learn the stories he shares, and share them with others.

Do you think it’s possible to have a favorite off of Footprints I Found? If you have one be sure to let us know over on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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