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Dear Joshua Bassett, Can We Listen To Sad Songs In A Hotel Room On Our HQ Floor?

Dear Joshua Bassett, Can We Listen To Sad Songs In A Hotel Room On Our HQ Floor?

When we say we’ve been waiting for another Joshua Bassett EP, we mean it. We have been on the edge of our seats since the moment Sad Songs In A Hotel Room was announced. The Honey POP HQ has been (im)patiently waiting for this drop, and it was worth it. Even writing this, we’re overflowing with excitement. We can’t hold it in any longer. Let’s talk about the tracks!

‘Sad Songs In A Hotel Room’

Joshua’s voice is absolutely mesmerizing, and this song is proof. The entire track capitalized on our love for Joshua‘s ability to harmonize with our hearts, and it worked. ‘Sad Songs In A Hotel Room’ is already stuck in our heads after just a few listens. Words are failing us right now. It’s that good. The start of this EP told us we were going to be obsessed with every single track, and we were right.

Don’t be shy. Stream ‘Sad Songs In A Hotel Room’


Joshua Bassett wrote a song titled ‘LA,’ and we had no idea how painfully beautiful it was going to be. We are absolutely gobsmacked by the way this song makes us feel. (Let’s set the scene, think of about 90 fangirls on the floor, sobbing about Joshua Bassett’s song about a city in California. Embarrassing? No, we call that performance art.) Grab your tissues for this one. It’s a tearjerker. We’re still crying from the first listen.

Not listening to this song is a crime.

‘Used To It’

We’re just gonna say it, this song is The Honey POP’s favorite of all of these beautiful tracks. Every time we listen to it, we forget it’s a sad song because the instrumental is so groove-worthy. All of the songs are absolutely top-tier, but this one has stolen our honey-filled hearts. Joshua Bassett deserves the biggest kiss on the forehead for this track, and we’d be more than willing to oblige. This EP should be called Breaking The Honey POP! Personally, we think it would do well!

Stop right there! You almost forgot to stream.

‘Smoke Slow’

Now, ‘Smoke Slow‘ is the only one of these six tracks we were blessed with before the EP’s release, and Joshua definitely knew what he was doing. The simple sounds of the guitar and Joshua Bassett‘s beautiful voice to start this song drew us in, and the chorus kept us. (No, seriously, the chorus is holding us hostage. Don’t send help, though.) We want more songs exactly like ‘Smoke Slow.’ Joshua, it’s time to get writing!

You can never hear this song enough.


Sigh. This song has us in a permanent state of heartbreak, and we’re not sure we want it to stop. The lyrics of this song are branded into our brains. We can see it now, Joshua Bassett fans everywhere getting Joshua to write out ‘you’re my lifeline’ for tattoos. (Yes, we will be first in line. We can all listen to ‘Lifeline’ together while we wait! Party time!) Joshua, if you see this, we’re waiting for our tattoo!

Come on, let’s cry together.

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‘All In Due Time’

This song as the closer for the EP was such a good decision, like genius level. This song is what we imagine paradise to sound like. We can picture it being used on the soundtrack of every romance movie ever. It’s so magical, so calming. Genuinely we have no idea how Joshua Bassett continues to astonish us with these tracks. Every time we think we’re prepared, a song of his knocks us right back down in the best way!

It’s the final song; you’ve gotta stream it!

We’re just about begging for an album at this point. We need it to survive. Do you know what else we need to survive? A hug from Joshua Bassett, and maybe a karaoke sesh. But only songs from Sad Songs In A Hotel Room, to stay on theme, of course. If you haven’t already fallen in love with Joshua Bassett and his talent, this EP has definite potential to change that. 

How many times have you listened to Sad Songs In A Hotel Room already? What’s your favorite song so far? Are you already as obsessed as we are? You can tell us down below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you like Discord, you’re in luck because we have a server just for you with all our hot buzz!


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