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We’re Deceased, Play 5SOS5 At Our Funeral! Cause Of Death? 5SOS5.

We’re Deceased, Play 5SOS5 At Our Funeral! Cause Of Death? 5SOS5.

Before you even think to ask, no, we are not okay. 5SOS5 came out, and we are now a shell of our former selves. Every expectation we had was blown out of the water. Song after song, 5 Seconds of Summer changed our lives. We are truly stunned and can barely speak. We’re still thinking about The Feeling of Falling Upwards, and now we have a whole album to unpack? This should be fun.


Michael Clifford, you had no right to hurt us like this. But also, we really appreciated hearing your voice this entire song. By appreciating it, we mean we actually gasped and then burst into tears. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Now, while we are fully aware that Luke warned us about no refunds. However, we still want that refund… And to hear this song for the first time again.

We are barely holding on after getting more than just a Michael solo. We got a Michael song. There is a single thread holding us together, and that is our constant urge to want to hear it repeated. We don’t care if it’s unhealthy. We need it. We’re convinced that 5 Seconds of Summer sat listening in on our meetings, solely to make sure 5SOS5 had what the people wanted. You’re welcome!

We have our replay button going ’round like a carousel for this song. Sorry, that was lame. We’re running out of our usual good material. This song just makes brain no think. Half of The Honey POP HQ has been scrambling around to make sure the other half still has a pulse. (We don’t, you’re legitimately talking to our ghosts.) We want financial compensation, 5 Seconds of Summer needs to pay for our therapy bills after this album.

This song is truly so hard to describe other than a work of art. Everything about the production, the vocals, the entire song put together, it’s all so amazing. This whole album fits together so perfectly. The percussion on this song specifically? Out of this world. We’re completely in awe of the talent this band put into 5SOS5.

‘Bad Omens’

Now this song is a THP Favorite. We are beyond obsessed with everything in this song. The build-up towards the end of the song is now our ringtone for when we get a message from the 5SOS community number! The changes from lower to higher register in the beginning? We’re no music experts, but we’re convinced that Luke Hemmings is going into the Hall of Fame for that one.

We’re jamming to this track as we tell you how much we jam to it, so you know we’re telling the truth. The Honey POP dance parties will now solely consist of this song. The bridge of this song alone has been on our minds nonstop. 5SOS5 has given us so many bops, and we want to formally thank them for this one. It is beyond insane how many amazing songs they can put on one album. 


This song felt like a personal attack in all the best ways. We wish we could’ve shown you the reactions we had at the first listen of ‘TEARS!’ Needless to say, we were in tears. We simply can’t handle to emotional overload that 5SOS5 has put us through, and the album has only been out a day. Just imagine how much worse it’s going to get as we sit with this masterpiece. 

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We would like to formally apologize to our neighbors for the number of times they’re going to hear ‘TEARS!’ played at full volume through our speakers. All we can say is that you are welcome to join the party. 5SOS5 is for everyone! The New Broken Scene is always expanding! If you take nothing else from this article, it should be to stream ‘TEARS!’ and the rest of 5SOS5.

If you haven’t already fallen in love with every track on this album, it’s time you get to listen again. Go on, we’re waiting. We expect you to come back with a detailed essay about how much you love this new era. We would like it in MLA format, and your cited sources must be timestamps of each song.

How many times have you already played this album? What’s your favorite song so far? What song shocked you the most? How much do you love this era of 5SOS? Has 5SOS5 topped your Spotify playlists as it has topped ours? Make sure to let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! You can join us on Discord, where we definitely aren’t freaking out about it!


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