Three Reasons Why We’re Trapped In Jun’s ‘Limbo’

Ok. Before we start anything, let’s breathe together. Like? Where did this come from Moon Junhui? Your song ‘Limbo’ is a divinely amazing masterpiece! As soon as the song started, we had literal goosebumps. That is how excellent Jun’s ‘Limbo’ is! What have you done to our hearts?! There is no need to ask why we are dedicated Huihui.

To put it short, Moon Junhui, aka Jun from the delicious band SEVENTEEN, dropped a solo song. It is called ‘Limbo,’ and we are madly in love. So, we are about to present to you three reasons why ‘Limbo’ made us lose our minds. Dear CARATs, excuse us if we get a little bit carried away. Because seriously, this song deserves some screaming and tears. And yes, it’s ok to be that excited for a song. Ready to fall for ✨Jun✨? Let’s get into it!

Welcome To My Lost World

First, the concept. Our little Moon Junhui decided to play it hard and the result is mesmerizing. Jun’s ‘Limbo’ is a whole experience where he opened the door to a new side of him; an intense and sensual side we’ve never seen before. 👀

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Looking dangerous? Done. Mysterious? Checked. Seductive? Easy. Confident? Always. Moon Junhui does it all. So yes, ‘Limbo’ is an invitation to follow him into a mysterious place. Say no more, we’re on our way, Jun!

A Dream In A Dream

Second, the song itself: Jun is a delightful contradiction. With his angelic voice, he draws us into an unsafe limbo. The mood of the song is super addictive. It is dark pop mixed with emo vibes and once you hear it, you cannot get rid of it. It’s impossible.

Jun wrote the lyrics and composed the song and we can proudly say that we are in love with a genius. The bridge especially is our fave: “Burning wings, Scorched by magnificence, Dreaming, The moment lasts forever, I bite my lip, Trying to see if this is real, Infused into a deeper dream.” Is it only us, or do we feel a destructive and surreal love? The topic is so exciting.

Now You’re Locked In My Limbo

Third, the clip. Jun takes us on a real journey, and it is not only about the song and the brilliant lyrics. It is simply everything between the sound and the visuals. The video itself is a work of art. The colors, the crop-top the fashion, the story told… Not to mention the choreography, as Jun is a gifted dancer. He knows how to convey emotions through his moves and we just can’t take our eyes off him.

Image Source: TENOR

Jun, our precious hidden gem in SEVENTEEN, totally got us in ‘Limbo.’ So, Jun, thank you for releasing such a wonderful song and introducing us to your darker (and addictive) side. We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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