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6 Things We Love About NMIXX’s Jinni

6 Things We Love About NMIXX’s Jinni

Everyone should try to be a little more like Choi Yunjin in their lives. NMIXX’s Jinni has stolen our hearts and we’re not complaining – she’s one of the most warm-hearted, ambitious idols we know! We think every day should be International Appreciate Jinni Day, so here are just a few of the many things we love about our tiger princess!

Image Source: @evnchae on Tumblr

How Hard She Works

Jinni trained for nearly six years before debuting with NMIXX in February 2022, and we could only imagine how much effort that took on an everyday basis. Her talent really shined in her cover of Ella Eyre and Banx & Ranx’s ‘Mama,’ which was the first time we really saw her abilities! Now that she’s a member of NMIXX, Jinni is working harder than ever to push for all her dreams to come true, and we’re beyond proud.

I’m so glad that I could make my debut after a long training period. It just feels like a dream.

Jinni to K Magazine

Her Stage Presence

Whenever Jinni steps foot on a stage, it’s hers! Her energy is so eye-catching and she always crushes her vocals and choreography. She knows how to command a performance and get the crowd engaged, which is so refreshing and just makes us want to see NMIXX live even more.

Her Love For NSWERs

Jinni makes us cry on the regular with how much she shows her appreciation for fans! Whether it’s in a sweet blog or a quick Bubble message, she never hesitates to share her gratitude and tell us she loves us as much as we love her! Although we have to fight her over this message – Jinni, you’re way more than “nothing special,” and we hope you can see how incredible you are!

Her Friendship With Hwang Yeji

Is there any stronger connection between K-Pop fandoms than there is between NSWERs and MIDZYs? We think not. And that bond extends to our faves as well – Jinni was friends with ITZY’s Yeji while they were trainees and they’re still close! We’re obsessed with their friendship and we’re crossing our fingers that we get more interactions soon. Maybe a collab?

I was close to Yeji from ITZY when I was a trainee and shared the same house with her. Before my debut, when I met her in the basement where the artist training room is, instead of the 3rd floor where the trainees live, she said that this is the serious beginning from now on. I still keep in touch with her. When I sometimes meet her in the training room, she warmly hugs me as if she knows what’s on my mind, saying, “it’s tough, isn’t it?” It’s so touching, and it makes me feel energized. 

Jinni to K Magazine

Image Source: Jinni and Yeji at ISAC, via @NMIXXForever_ on Twitter

How Caring She Is

It pretty much goes without saying that Jinni has a huge heart, but we’ll say it anyway: Jinni has a huge heart. And we have some adorable proof for you. When Sullyoon got sick around Christmas 2021, Jinni was right there to look after her. We adore their friendship and how Jinni didn’t hesitate in helping Sully!

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why would i lower my standard, when sullyoon got sick and jinni was there to took care of her. #sulljin #jinni #sullyoon #nmixx #nmixx_oo


Her Dance Talent

If you watch pretty much any Jinni fancam out there, you’ll see how much of a star she is when it comes to her dancing. She puts so much energy into each move of the choreography and it blows us away! She makes even harder parts look effortless and it inspires us to try to learn NMIXX dances ourselves… though we can’t do it quite as smoothly as she does.

What are your favorite things about Jinni? Is she your NMIXX bias? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NMIXX content, click here.


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