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Ever since King Princess debuted their now-platinum hit ‘1950’ in 2018, they’ve been living in our minds rent-free! This Brooklyn-bred superstar, born Mikaela Mullaney Straus, has a catalog overflowing with brutal honesty and it absolutely soaks us in our feelings. It’s no surprise she’s signed to Zelig Records, owned by Mark Ronson, because she’s just that talented.

Back in 2019, we got KP’s debut record, Cheap Queen, and in July 2022, we got another autobiographical collection of songs called Hold On Baby. Now we wanna present a collection of songs by King Princess to you! Without a doubt, these songs need to be added to your playlist by… yesterday. 

‘All Dressed In White’

King Princess penned this track solo and it definitely makes it all the more intriguing. ‘All Dressed In White’ is short and sweet, just barely touching two minutes. It’s flourishing with orchestral notes and has the self-proclaimed “queen of this crowded room” appreciating the simple things.

‘Back of a Cab’

Unquestionably, ‘Back of a Cab’ makes you want to put on a pair of headphones and lie on the floor underneath your favorite tapestry. It’s slow, but don’t go thinking that this song is a sad one. This song kicks off the deluxe version of Cheap Queen and reminiscences on a past flame while sampling a clip from the 1955 comedy A Word to the Wives. 

“I’m still missin’ dancin’ in the back of a cab with you
Convinced that we never had issues
The first love gets you bad, don’t it?”

‘I Hate Myself, I Want to Party’

‘I Hate Myself, I Want to Party’ is an anthem for any 20-something, touching on depression and mental health in such an elegant way. It blends musical elements from today’s most popular music in a fresh new way, and it’s an incredible choice of an opener for KP’s newest record, Hold On Baby. What’s a playlist without a healthy scoop of self-deprecation?

“I’m a good girl at playing with trouble
And I hate myself, I want to party
And pretend that I’m a part of something…”

‘Sex Shop’

‘Sex Shop’ slaps for the club, the beach, a girls’ night out, or perhaps a drive with the windows down. There’s a little dose of sensitivity on this track, which works out because isn’t there a stroke of shyness in us all? King Princess produced this song with Ethan Gruska and it represents our insecurities and how we all yearn for love even though there could be so many doubts in our mind. Another song that’s perfect for any 20-somethings!

‘Winter Is Hopeful’

Last but not least, ‘Winter Is Hopeful’ is a must-have on your playlist. This track really shows off the vulnerability and sultry element in KP’s voice. It talks about healthy love and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a cozy, rainy day.

See Also

I wanted it to be a song about what it feels like to be in a relationship and to stumble, like, constantly stumbling over words. We like the feeling that you’re battling the weather. It’s f*cking cold, and you want to bundle up and go outside and feel like you’ve done something. It takes effort to go outside. In the summer, it feels like it’s this weird daze. I don’t really like sunlight. Besides, I like when it rains.

King Princess to Apple Music

Fun fact: The song was originally named ‘Quinn’ after King Princess’ girlfriend. However, Quinn wasn’t too into that idea, so Mikaela changed it. How would you feel if somebody wrote a song about you?

So there are five of our favorite King Princess songs! Let us know which ones you’re adding to your playlists in the comments or on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And for more King Princess content, click here.


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