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7 Of Avril Lavigne’s Most Iconic Looks

7 Of Avril Lavigne’s Most Iconic Looks

Avril Lavigne has spent most of her life in the public eye. Being in the public eye comes with many opportunities to dress up and Avril took that as a challenge. At THP we love over the top, unique and gorgeous outfits so here are 7 of Avril Lavigne’s most iconic looks over the years.

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1. 2002 VMA Red Carpet

Only one word can describe this outfit and that’s iconic. When you think Avril Lavigne you think of her original Pop-Punk look, cargo pants, loose fitting ties, eyeliner and spiked bracelets.

Image Source: danadia! Via Pinterest

2. 2003 VMA’s Red Carpet

Somehow no one can ever look bad on the MTV VMA’s red carpet. It’s impossible, and this outfit is proof. In 2003 Avril wore this pink and black ensemble, complete with pink-laced Vans, to the VMA’s and absolutely killed that red carpet!

Image Source: Elle Magazines via Pinterest

3. 2009 Abbey Dawn Runway Show

We couldn’t talk about Avril Lavigne’s impeccable fashion choices without including a piece from Abbey Dawn. For those who may not know, Abbey Dawn is Avril Lavigne’s clothing line. This edgy dress was from Abbey Dawn’s first ever runway show in 2009.

Image Source: X Dressy via Pinterest

4. 2019 Radio Disney Music Awards Red Carpet

On the 2019 Radio Disney Music Awards Red Carpet Avril wore a jumpsuit with gorgeous cape attached to it. Everything about this outfit is screaming “I am royalty” and she is 100% right.

Image Source: Avril Lavigne Tribe via Facebook

5. 2021 ‘Bite Me’ Promo Photoshoot

Avril Lavigne’s 2021 single ‘Bite Me‘ with Travis Barker played a huge part in her “return” to the Pop-Punk scene. We love the little details on this outfit. Such as, the neon red/orange dyed tips, “Mother F*ckin Princess” written across the sleeve and the lyrics written throughout the jacket.

Image Source: Ryan Mcfadden

6. 2021 VMA‘s Red Carpet

Avril Lavigne owned the 2021 VMA Red carpet. 2021 was Avril’s first year “back” in the Pop-Punk scene and she did not disappoint. This pink tartan suit with silver accents, was also her red carpet debut with her now fiancé Mod Sun.

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Avril Lavigne via Instagram

7. 2022 Rock In Rio

Just this month Avril was one of many headliners at Rock In Rio Brasil. She put on an insane show and did it all wearing this leather pink and black outfit. Did someone say hot pink faux leather? Yes, please! We are obsessed with it and think it more than deserves to be coined of her iconic looks.

Image Source: RockinRio via Instagram

It’s been 20 years since Avril Lavigne started out and her outfits have just gotten better and better. Avril’s look has changed and matured as she got older and we have loved it all. No matter who she decides to be or how she decides to dress Avril Lavigne will always be our Pop-Punk Princess. We want to know what your favorite of Avril’s looks has been! Let us know over on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram.


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