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Bangtan Does Bridgerton: The BTS Songs We Want To Feature On The Hit Netflix Show

Bangtan Does Bridgerton: The BTS Songs We Want To Feature On The Hit Netflix Show

It’s no secret that one of Netflix’s current biggest shows is of course, Bridgerton. The historical-romance series that was a light during the dark of 2020 has gone down a storm since its release, becoming the most-watched English-language series on Netflix before its sophomore season took over. Now the show is gearing up for its third season and there’s a chance of a bit of a borafication to the show… yes, you read that right! 

The Vitamin String Quartet, who are responsible for the music on the show, have tweeted out asking ARMY for opinions on which BTS song they’d like to see in the upcoming season. Previous seasons have included renditions of songs such as Harry Styles‘s ‘Sign Of The Times.’ Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next,’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams.’ We’re so hyped that BTS may be getting a song in the show, and we at The Honey POP decided to put forward our recommendations for songs we think would work wonders in the show. Now the Vitamin String Quartet will be choosing from their new BTS album that’s coming soon, but we’d like to suggest some other incredible songs from the Bangtan discography… y’know, for future seasons. There’s just so many to choose from!

‘House of Cards’ 

Okay listen. This song is top of the list given that it’s already string based and so dramatic. Released back in 2015, the album track is still a huge fan favorite between ARMY old and new, and it sounds so cinematic that it deserves its time to shine! The world needs to know just how versatile BTS’s discography is and tbh, we think Bridgerton fans would be in love with this song. 


This is such a stunning song for dancing. Jimin never fails to deliver on his solo songs but we think ‘Lie’ would really hit it off on the soundtrack for season 3 of Bridgerton. It’s a stunning song that sees an inner fight between the insecurity and truth of oneself, and the melody flows in such a thrilling way, we’d be on the edges of our seats watching it in a scene on the show.

‘Black Swan’

Justice for ‘Black Swan!’ We could have had so much more from this song if that flipping pandemic didn’t interrupt, but a feature in Bridgerton could revive this song and showcase it outside the fandom and show people yet another side to the diversified sound of BTS. A pure masterpiece.


‘Butterfly’ is one of the most well-loved BTS ballads and is just so beautiful. It’s so airy and elegant that a string quartet version would truly bring a tear to our eyes here at THP HQ. We could imagine the choreography for a ball scene would be so divine, we’d be learning it ourselves (and uploading to TikTok ofc.)

‘I Need U’

Okay, hear us out. How iconic would it be for the song that gave BTS their first win, to be the song that plays on Bridgerton? It would be like such a full circle moment that would have all ARMY bursting with pride. Plus it would be such a potent sounding song that would have the tensions running high, like how gripping would this be?

‘The Truth Untold’

This Steve Aoki collab is simply stunning. Released back in 2018 as part of the Love Yourself series, the song sings about concealing one’s true self and the struggle to open up to anyone else, fearing that they’d be abandoned when revealing their ‘ugly’ side. This would be such a beautiful song to play during an emotional scene, we’d probably have to ugly cry.

‘Best Of Me’

Now this may be a bit of a controversial choice, but switching it up to a more upbeat song, ‘Best Of Me’ would sound amazing! Taking it from the EDM mix we know and love and giving it a more classical makeover would be such a drastic change and would definitely pop off in a happy ballroom scene, don’t you agree?

Bangtan Does Bridgerton The BTS Songs We Want To Feature On The Hit Netflix Show The Honey POP
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If you can’t wait to see if we get a song in the next Bridgerton season, you can check out Vitamin String Quartet’s covers of BTS including their latest one of ‘Idol’ right here:

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Are you a Bridgerton fan? Which BTS song would you love to see in the show? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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