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These 5 Spooky Disney Channel Throwbacks Are Still A Treat This Halloween

These 5 Spooky Disney Channel Throwbacks Are Still A Treat This Halloween

Throughout our childhood, Disney channel went all out for the holiday season. Halloween was no exception. Once the brisk air came and leaves started falling Disney Channel was going all out with a month full of movies and shows set to scare the wits out of its young audience. As we grow older some throwbacks loose their spark but here are 5 that we still absolutely cannot have Halloween without.

1. Halloweentown

We love the entire Halloweentown franchise but nothing can beat the first 1998 Halloweentown. The excitement of discovering this weird town is unique, and discovering it with the Cromwell siblings adds a certain magic to Halloween. Besides, no one loves weird stuff more than us… except maybe Marnie.

2. Suite Life Of Zack And Cody Season 1 Episode 19

There is no way you watched this episode as a kid and didn’t freak out. In this episode, we see Zack, Cody, and the rest of their friends hold a seance with Esteban to uncover the secrets of a ghost named Irene, who is said to haunt the hotel. This episode was so terrifying that sometimes the ghost of suite 613 still haunts us today. 👀

Image Source: The Suite Life Wiki

3. Hocus Pocus

You didn’t think we would make this and not add the iconic Hocus Pocus? Did you? Hocus Pocus is one of those throwback movies that will never leave your Halloween movie list it’s too iconic. It’s too iconic. Not to mention how excited we are to see the Sanderson sisters again in Hocus Pocus 2!

Image Source: Giphy

4. A.N.T Farm Season 1 Episode 14

A.N.T farm is the iconic tv show that introduced us to our queen China Anne McClain. This episode of A.N.T Farm turns the ants into some of the scariest monsters. Ok so maybe it isn’t all that scary but, it still remains one of our favorite throwbacks. After all, it gave us ‘Calling all The Monsters’ and you are lying if you say that song isn’t a bop.

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5. Twitches

Tia and Tamera were staples in most of our childhoods, and they couldn’t go missing during Halloween. In Twitches we watch the daughters of the Sun and Moon discover their powers and save Coventry from the darkness. No matter how many times we’ve watched Twitches every time we watch it we are on the edge of our seats.

If there’s any month to have our Disney+ subscription up to date it’s October! What do you say, wanna do a marathon on Halloween night? You bring the popcorn we got the sugar cookies! There are so many more Halloween Disney Channel Throwbacks we didn’t mention, what are your favorites? Let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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