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dodie Is A Hot Mess And So Are We

dodie Is A Hot Mess And So Are We


This is your public service announcement that we are officially entering our Hot Mess era. (Thanks, dodie).

Dodie Clark, aka dodie, began her career by uploading original music and videos to YouTube under the name doddleoddle. Since the early YouTube days, dodie has released three EPs and her debut album Build a Problem in January of last year.

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dodie’s new EP Hot Mess is now available to stream wherever you listen to music. She was inspired partly by a series on her YouTube channel where she wrote and recorded a song that documented each month of the year as she was touring and dealing with mental health.

You can find the videos here on her second channel: doddlevloggle.

‘June’s Song’

Hot Mess is a collection of moments following the release of her album in 2021 and perfectly encapsulates “the flawed, emotionally erratic, wondrously complex conundrum that is being alive.” 

When asked about the project, dodie explained:

Hot Mess is exactly that – a steaming, conflicting pile of raw ideas and feelings: heavy confessions, manic patches matched with seemingly stable moments of realization and acceptance, painted with flickers of disassociated spiraling. I am lost! I am confused but trying and I accept myself and hate myself simultaneously while doing so.”

dodie on Hot Mess

dodie has always been authentic. From her music to her YouTube videos, she has continuously shared a beautiful, unpolished version of herself with the world. And this EP is not the exception. The Guardian described dodie’s music as “quietly devastating” and we would have to agree. 

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‘Hot Mess’

The EP opens with the title track ‘Hot Mess’ and sets the tone for the entire four song project. 

Lyrically, dodie opens herself up and shows her internal monologue as she works through this life. “I am lost!” she explains, “I am confused but trying and I accept myself and hate myself simultaneously while doing so.”

It is something many can relate to, the feeling of trying to let go and holding yourself back.  

‘Got Weird’

The next track ‘Got Weird’ was the first single released and has a beautifully weird music video accompanying it. 

This is one of our favorite tracks at The Honey POP. It’s about opening up and the intimacy that often comes with that. There is a big hurdle to jump when getting to know someone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Throughout the song, she apologizes for making things awkward and promises she “won’t get weird.” 

‘Lonely Bones’

‘Lonely Bones’ is a beautifully written love song about the feeling of being alone. 

“Lockdown 2020 had me spending a lot of time alone, dabbling in dissociation, depression, and making furious promises to make sure life would be different soon. I felt feral! Manic, running on absolute fumes. I loved the idea of writing a gang vocal section that sounds like it should eventually be sung amongst friends and drinks and good vibes – but written from a much lonelier past.”

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dodie on ‘Lovely Bones’

‘No Big Deal (I Love You)’

The final song on the EP is an example of what dodie does absolutely best.

Her haunting yet gentle vocals accompany a soft piano on ‘No Big Deal (I Love You)’ as the album comes to a close. She “radiates transparency,” THE NEW YORK TIMES writes. “While her lyrics are full of self-doubt and second guesses, her music is precise.”

Overall, the dodie’s Hot Mess is a work of art that everyone can relate to in one way or another. It is so personal to her that it is almost easy to find yourself in the music as well. It is brilliant and heartbreaking and is exactly what living feels like. 

If dodie can cry on the internet to her music, so can we.

Come join the conversation on Twitter @thehoneyPOP and let us know which track is your favorite. And don’t forget to follow dodie for the most up-to-date announcements!


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