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Our Five Favorite Songs Produced By Bang Chan

Our Five Favorite Songs Produced By Bang Chan

As well as being one of K-pop’s best leaders and most well-rounded performers, Bang Chan is also an incredibly talented composer, producer, and lyricist. So, we’re here today to round up our five all-time favorite songs produced by Bang Chan! As well as being the leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan has also produced a great deal of their discography in combination with 3Racha, the group’s hip-hop subunit consisting of Changbin, Han, and Chan.

Having produced and written the vast majority of Stray Kids’ discography, it was incredibly difficult to narrow our favorites down to just five. We’d like to give honorable mentions to ‘We Go,’ ‘Miroh,’ and ‘My Pace. Actually, we’d like to give honorable mentions to every Stray Kids song that was produced by Bang Chan. It’s simply too hard to choose just a few!

‘God’s Menu’

‘God’s Menu’ was the title track from Stray Kids’ 2020 album, Go Live. ‘God’s Menu’ is easily one of Stray Kids’ most successful and well-known songs. Lyrically, the song makes a variety of food and cooking references; for instance, ‘God’s Menu’ gave us Felix’s iconic ‘Cooking like a chef, I’m a five star Michelin’ line that has truly lived in our heads rent-free for the last two years. Made by 3Racha, the song uses heavy and powerful production to emphasize the message that Stray Kids are unique, addictive, and cannot be compared to other boy groups. 


Released on the repackage of the Go Live album, ‘Ex’ is a melancholic and emotional breakup song that perfectly showcases Stray Kids’ softer sides. While we are used to hearing Changbin’s powerful flow and Han’s intricate and sharp rap style, ‘Ex’ allows the members to demonstrate their versatility and show off their ability to create a much more tender and vulnerable sound. This is complemented by the way Chan and Changbin composed and produced the song, perfectly capturing a more sensitive and personal vibe that we really love to hear from Stray Kids. 

‘Maknae on Top’ – I.N. (Feat. Bang Chan and Changbin)

Composed by Bang Chan as a gift to I.N, ‘Maknae on Top’ is quite possibly our all-time favorite ‘SKZ-PLAYER’ release. I.N revealed that this song came into existence after he listened to the songs Bang Chan was working on and he suggested that they should someday write a song together. How cute! Combining elements of Latin music and trap, the song is a lighthearted and fun celebration of I.N’s power and status as the youngest member of Stray Kids. He can be seen exerting this power in the lyrics, proclaiming that he is ranked the highest out of all the Stray Kids members and that he isn’t your average maknae.

‘I Hate To Admit’

‘I Hate To Admit’ is the first and only solo SKZ-PLAYER that Bang Chan has released and it really doesn’t disappoint. Taking on a softer and more emotional sound, ‘I Hate To Admit’ is a very intimate and personal song about missing someone and hating to admit that you wish they were still around. While we do love the heavy and powerful production style that we are used to seeing from Stray Kids, this song’s more stripped-back piano instrumentation and minimalistic production style allowed for Chan to blow Stays away with his amazing vocal skills. We really hope we get to see more SKZ-PLAYER solos from Chan in the future!

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‘Maniac’ was released in 2022 as the title track from Stray Kids’ Oddinary comeback and it certainly did not disappoint. Lyrically, ‘Maniac’ aims to celebrate difference and discusses the idea that nobody is completely normal, reflective of the whole album’s title. In terms of its production, the song draws on a variety of different elements but is predominantly a trap and electropop track. ‘Maniac’ is, of course, another 3Racha-produced single and it has reaffirmed to us that they are the kings of taking quirky and unique concepts and making them into smash hits. When you combine the lyrics with its incredible production and Stray Kids’ excellent performance, it makes ‘Maniac’ the perfect song for listening to on loop and getting stuck in your head for days. Like, seriously, Felix’s ‘maniac’ line in the chorus lives in our heads rent-free.

So, what are your favorite songs that were produced by Bang Chan? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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