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SG5 Is Almost Here, We Can Feel It

SG5 Is Almost Here, We Can Feel It


Imagine this: a modern-day girl group just like our favorite J-Pop and K-Pop acts but inspired by and representing characters from the hit anime Sailor Moon. Well, no need to imagine because that is actually a reality! You read it right! There is a Japanese group inspired by non-other than the Sailor Guardians themselves, and they are about to take the music world by storm!

Photo Credit: Willem Stapel x Bryan Huynh

If you kept up with us, you’d know we’ve already taken notice of the five talented individuals who won the approval of Naoko Takeuchi herself for this dream-like opportunity. More importantly, this is the perfect time to start stanning them because they are yet to make their official debut! And they are now one step closer to doing that!

SG5 Music Power Make-Up!

Although the girls already did a performance Live at the LA Anime Expo earlier this summer, they have not released music under the name SG5, and we can’t wait for that to happen. Thankfully, it is starting to look like this two-year-in-the-works project is finally close to presenting us with its sound! We have WME to thank for signing with them to be their global representative.

We are very honored to sign with WME, a home to so many amazing artists! We can’t wait to see what the future holds and are very excited for everyone around the world to hear our music, and see our live performances in the future.

SG5 on signing with WME

As we mentioned, SG5 performed in the US during Anime Expo and it was spectacular. From the original Sailor Moon theme to more modern tracks, the girls showed they are up for doing it all! Insert ‘our eagerness for more grows’ right here!

Image source: GIPHY

All members come from existing and debuted groups to create this incredible collaboration, which is making many people excited (us in particular!) Four of the lovely individuals, Sayaka, Kaede, Miyuu, and Ruri are part of the J-Pop group called Happiness, while Rui is part of the group iScream. While they may have different experiences and time in the industry, we are intrigued to see their teamwork and music style.

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With the girls signing with a leading entertainment agency, we felt it’s the best time to remind you of them. How are you feeling about SG5 so far? Tweet us @thehoneypop and tell us, are you as excited as us for this Sailor Moon-inspired intergalactic group? We are also on Facebook and Instagram.


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