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5 Seconds Of Summer Songs That Need To Be On The 5SOS5 Tour Setlist

5 Seconds Of Summer Songs That Need To Be On The 5SOS5 Tour Setlist

We’re getting ready to kick off tour season with the release of a bunch of new albums from our favorite artists. As it’s eagerly approaching, here at The Honey Pop, we wanted to take a minute to highlight our personal favorite songs and what we’re hoping to hear live soon! Following the release of 5 Seconds of Summer’s brand new album, 5SOS5, we can only assume a tour announcement is coming any day now. And we’ll be living on empty wallets when those dates roll around.

5 Seconds of Summer have blessed us with their fifth studio album, one to have been critically acclaimed as their “most cohesive and impressive album to date” by Clash Magazine. Not to mention the band’s own Michael Clifford played a pretty hefty part in the production of the album. We can only assume that the majority of their unannounced tour will center around the album, and we can already imagine how a handful of these songs will sound live. If you managed to catch the band at any date on their 2022 Take My Hand Tour, then you got a glimpse of what ‘Easy For You to Say’ and ‘Blender’ sound like live.

What We Can Anticipate

First and foremost, here’s what we’re expecting to hear: The classics. Songs like ‘She Looks So Perfect,’ ‘Jet Black Heart,’ ‘Amnesia,’ and ‘Youngblood’ are easily taking up four slots on the setlist, though we’re still hoping to hear fan favorites like ‘Disconnected,’ ‘Want You Back,’ ‘Teeth,‘ and ‘Ghost of You.’ Throw in singles like ‘Complete Mess,’ ‘Blender,’ ‘Take My Hand,’ ‘Me Myself & I,’ and ‘Older’ and we’ve got half of the setlist covered. 

If the band’s One Night Only show in London gave the fans any hint of what to expect to hear live again soon, we can cross our fingers we’ll get to hear ‘Outer Space/Carry On’ sometime soon. We’re also anticipating 5SOS5 songs that debuted at The Feeling of Falling Upwards like ‘Carousel’ and ‘Caramel.’

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What We’ve Got Our Fingers Crossed For

So here’s what we’re longing to hear live off of the new album. For starters, ‘Bad Omens.’ The song made its debut at One Night Only in London, only to continue to be played at shows like Xfinity’s 21+ event, The Today Show, and at The Late Night with Seth Meyers. The song has easily become a fan favorite, and we can’t wait to be screaming our lungs out to it live! Next up, ‘You Don’t Go To Parties.’ There’s just something about Calum on leading vocals, singing the chorus of that song. We need to hear it live. Immediately.

Following those two, we’d love to hear Michael have his leading track ‘Emotions’ on the setlist. The song connected with fans of the band so easily and got heavy praise on social media. There is something beautiful about how raw and vulnerable the song presents itself to be. Don’t mind us, we’ll be here with our emotions. ‘Easy For You To Say’ is an obvious no-brainer, and we have our fingers crossed that this song doesn’t slip from the setlist. 

Honorable Mentions:

  1. ‘Best Friends’
  2. ‘Bleach’
  3. ‘Red Line’

Here’s a look at what we think the setlist could happen to look like, with our own additions of songs that we’ve been dying to hear live. Although nothing is confirmed, we’ve got pretty high hopes that we’ll get to hear majority of these at some point.

See Also

5SOS, if you see this, please bring back ‘If You Don’t Know’ and ‘Why Won’t You Love Me.’ Sincerely, The Honey Pop. (We’re begging.)

Mock Setlist

  1. ‘Bloodhound’
  2. ‘Complete Mess’
  3. ‘Caramel’
  4. ‘Easier’
  5. ‘More’
  6. ‘Carousel’
  7. ‘Outer Space/Carry On’
  8. ‘You Don’t Go To Parties’
  9. ‘Bad Omens’
  10. ‘Take My Hand’
  11. ‘If You Don’t Know’
  12. ‘Why Won’t You Love Me’
  13. ‘Blender’
  14. ‘Castaway’
  15. ‘Babylon’
  16. ‘Easy For You To Say’
  17. ‘Moodswings’
  18. ‘Emotions’
  19. ‘Amnesia’
  20. ‘Beside You’
  21. ‘Me Myself & I’
  22. ‘Best Friends’
  23. ‘She Looks So Perfect’
  24. ‘Teeth’


  1. ‘No Shame’
  2. ‘Jet Black Heart’
  3. ‘Youngblood’

What songs are you hoping to hear live off of the band’s new album? What old songs are you hoping they’ll bring out of the vault? Let us know in the comments, or reach out to us via Twitter at @thehoneypop, or on Instagram, or Facebook!


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