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How You Can Dress As Your Favorite Mean Girls Character For Halloween

How You Can Dress As Your Favorite Mean Girls Character For Halloween

Spooky season is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Trying to figure out who you’re going to dress as for Halloween. While there are a lot of choices out there on who to dress up, especially if you’re part of multiple fandoms like us, we think you can’t go wrong in wearing Halloween costumes based on the characters from Mean Girls!

For one, the movie is a classic! Quote any of the movie’s memorable lines like “On Wednesdays we wear pink” and “That’s so fetch” (and by the way, happy October 3rd) to anyone, and they are sure to know exactly what you’re referencing. Not to mention, Mean Girls is kinda a Halloween movie, at least in the similar vein of Die Hard being a Christmas movie. Mean Girls does take place around and during Halloween, after all…and then through Christmas. You know what? We’ll just let you be the judge on that one. 

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Regardless, if you’re looking for an iconic costume and are a big fan of the movie, then we got the perfect ideas on how you can dress up as your favorite Mean Girls character for Halloween!

Cady Heron

Cady from Mean Girls
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If Cady is your best girl, then there are plenty of dress-up options to choose from. You can try dressing up as Cady when she starts school for the first time. It’s a pretty easy costume that uses clothes you probably already have in your closet. All you need is a blue plaid shirt and some jeans. You could also dress up in the outfit Cady wears on the Mean Girls movie posters, which could also double as a sick group costume if your besties dress as The Plastics.

But, if you really want to kill two birds with one stone and fully get into the Halloween spirit while still dressing as your fave, then Cady’s scary zombie—er, “ex-wife” bride costume is definitely the move. Just be sure to pick a white dress you don’t mind getting fake blood all over.

Cady in a dead bride Halloween costume from Mean Girls
Image Source: @meangirls Instagram
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Janis Ian

Janis from Mean Girls gif
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If you’re looking to dress as Janis for Halloween, nothing screams the cynical alt queen herself more than her look from when we first see her in Mean Girls. Like Cady’s first day of school outfit, a Janis-inspired Halloween costume can be made with clothes you have in your closet. You might have to shop around for Janis’ iconic “Rubbish” shirt, but then again, if you’re looking to go full-on DIY, a black t-shirt, an iron, and some transfer paper will get the job done.

Mean Girls Halloween Costume Idea
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Damien from Mean Girls gif, Halloween costume idea
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Ah, yes, Mr. “She-doesn’t-even-go here!” How could he not be one of your faves? When it comes to making a Damien costume for Halloween, it’s best to reference his funniest and most memorable outfit from the team-building scene in Mean Girls. All you need is a blue hoodie and some shades, and there you have it! A certified Damien-approved Mean Girls Halloween costume.

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Karen Smith

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Out of all the plastics, Karen seems to be the most down-to-earth. Sure, she’s friends with Regina and Gretchen, who aren’t the nicest of people, but she’s rarely as ever mean-spirited like them. In fact, besides Janis and Damien, she’s actually friendly with Cady to a point where it seems pretty genuine. With Karen’s kindness and oddball antics, it’s only fitting to dress up as her in her mouse costume for Halloween!

Plus, if someone asks what you are, you have the perfect opportunity to say, “I’m a mouse, duh!” For this look, you would just need a black dress, a pink sash, and some cute little mouse ears. Karen’s outfit that she wears to the mall is also another good Halloween costume, especially if you have a ton of pink clothes in your closet.

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Gretchen Wieners

Gretchen from Mean Girls
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For some, the secondary characters to the main really just catch the eye, and if you’re a fan of the daughter of the inventor behind toaster strudels, we’ve got a couple of totally fetch costume ideas for you. 

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the scarlet witch

Gretchen’s catsuit is an easy Mean Girls costume you could try for Halloween. Similar to Karen, you could also dress up in the outfit Gretchen wears at the mall: a pink sweater, a brown plaid miniskirt, a blue purse, and some heels. Extra points, by the way, if you style your hair big like Gretchen. It is where she keeps all of her secrets.

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Regina George

Ah, yes, Regina George. How do we even begin to describe her? Well, she’s the queen bee, and if you’re one to always have villainous faves, don’t worry. We won’t judge. Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and get into your villain era. And we have just the Regina George looks for you to do so!

The queen bee has many iconic looks to choose from for a Mean Girls Halloween costume. Her mall outfit with the “A Little Bit Dramatic” shirt is such a good recognizable costume to dress up as for Halloween, and it’s also admittedly pretty cute to wear at any time. If you’re looking to fully commit, try DIYing a book cover of the burn book and carrying it around with you.

Regina George from Mean Girls, Mean Girls Halloween costume idea
Image Source: Tenor

For a more humorous Regina Halloween costume, you could also wear a colored tank top with a white top over it that has two holes cut out. Just be sure to channel your inner Regina and walk like you have all the confidence in the world…even if your outfit looks a little goofy. Then, there’s the bunny costume Regina wears for the Halloween party. You could try layering a black bodysuit under a corset top or wear a white tank top, some biker shorts, and bunny ears and just call it a night.

Oh, and if you’re looking for yet another group costume opportunity to try, break out your Christmas wear so you and your besties can dress similarly to Regina’s crew for the talent show.

Mean Girls Halloween costume top
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What fave Mean Girls character are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Or are you going to dress up as someone entirely different? Don’t be shy! Let us know in the comments! We also would love to hear about what you’re wearing for Halloween over on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

For more costume ideas, buzz on over here! Or if you’re looking for more things to watch, come this way!

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