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ONEWE Have Us Crying With ‘Still Here’

ONEWE Have Us Crying With ‘Still Here’

Since their debut, ONEWE has been up there among one of our favorite k-bands ever. So, of course the enlistment of two of their members hurt us in the soul. But don’t worry, because ONEWE still got us and just released a new single: ‘Still Here.’ And you should get ready for this one, because you will cry.

Image source: RBW Entertainment

Even though ONEWE‘s entire discography has a special place in our hearts – because it’s quite literally perfect, there’s something about their ballads that just hit differently. They’re no strangers to it and have released amazing songs like ‘Parting’ and ‘Regulus.’ And those songs are in our top 10 ONEWE songs ever. And even so, there’s something even more special about ‘Still Here.’

Following the same energy as their previous slower and sadder songs, ‘Still Here’ feels even more like a punch to the heart. First of all, the lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking. They express such a real and raw feeling of nostalgia, pain, and missing someone. To know that Yoonghoon wrote it makes it even more painful. But also, the vocals are just astonishingly good. The beautiful contrast between Yoonghoon’s and Dongmyeong’s as they sing back and forth is just indescribable. It’s something that we love about all their songs, but here it just hits in the feels. And, of course, the instrumental and the build-up of the song is also one of the main reasons why ‘Still Here’ is so emotional and heartbreaking. ONEWE just knows how to create a masterpiece – here’s the proof if you ever doubted it.

So yes, if you like sad, nostalgic, and emotional songs that will make you feel everything, there is to feel: ‘Still Here’ is definitely for you. And it’s not only about ballads; this might be one of ONEWE‘s best songs ever. ‘Still Here’ is just already so special to us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing band.

It’s an understatement to say that it’ll take a while for us to get over this song – we probably never will. But that’s what masterpieces are all about, right?

Image source: RBW Entertainment

How much are you loving ‘Still Here’? Is it your favorite ONEWE ballad? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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