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There’s A ‘Box In A Heart’ (Ours) Where We Keep Our Love For The Maine

There’s A ‘Box In A Heart’ (Ours) Where We Keep Our Love For The Maine

We’re proud members of the 8123 Fam around here which means that we absolutely love The Maine and everything they do. Releasing their latest song ‘Box In A Heart’ is one of those things.

The Maine teased us with ‘Box In A Heart’ for nearly a month and lucky fans in Manila heard it performed live before anyone else! Us? Being jealous? Not at all why do you ask? Lucky for the rest of us, the song was finally released last week and we got to hear it in all its glory.

We had no idea what to expect from it but based on the lyrics that were shared, we knew it was gonna hurt (but like /pos of course).

Box In A Heart by The Maine lyrics on a red background
Image Source: The Maine via Instagram

Spoiler alert (but not really cause you can just go stream the song for yourself) – the song does in fact hurt (but /pos). If you have ever felt like you had to hide your feelings, to hide from yourself and from other people, or to just shut yourself away from the world, ‘Box In A Heart’ will make you feel incredibly seen. We give you our THP guarantee on that. Source: we listened to this song 15 times in a row and cried about it. We’re glad that they went with a more laidback route for this track, versus something more upbeat, because it’s perfect for those moments where you just need your music to perceive you. The Maine always delivers heartfelt emotion and lyricism in their music and this track is no exception.

Oh, and we can’t talk about this song without mentioning the incredible renforshort. We need more information about how this collab came about immediately because it was the perfect decision. The way her voice flows together with John O’s is absolutely beautiful and really adds a wonderful layer of emotion to the song. We can’t imagine hearing this track with anyone else as the feature to be honest with you. In a perfect world, we’d want to see renforshort perform this song live with the band all the time, it just hits different.

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So, what do you think of ‘Box In A Heart?’ Is it a contender for your favorite new release yet? Well, it should be. Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! We might be bees but we don’t sting 🙂


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