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What NCT 127’s 2 Baddies Would Look Like As A Visual Album

What NCT 127’s 2 Baddies Would Look Like As A Visual Album

We’ve been trying to describe how excellent NCT 127’s new album, 2 Baddies, is since it was given to us. NCT 127 raised the bar with their Sticker comeback, so we were eager to see what they would bring to the table with this one, and they did not disappoint! As expected, 2 Baddies showed us a new side of NCT 127 that we had never seen before. But that’s the thing about 127 – they are doing a great job making and adapting experimental tunes with every comeback. With each return, they do an excellent job of creating and adapting some experimental tunes.

We’ve said it before, but the 2 Baddies album demonstrated yet again that NCT 127 have a unique musical style and handle it so well in their own NEO way, thanks to their charisma, energy, and talents. They are absolute trendsetters, especially within themselves. They always keep it fresh, as proven by this entire new album. Whatever they put in this album, it worked! We absolutely love it and can’t stop listening to it since it came out. And we are not the only ones. 

The first week it was released, 2 Baddies, debuted first on the Billboard World Album chart and second on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart. But, if you think we’re done here, you’re probably underestimating NCT 127. With this incredible album, our favorite group also became the second K-Pop artist to have three albums chart in the top five of the Billboard 200 chart.

We decided to help NCT 127 a little to celebrate their fantastic success with 2 Baddies! The songs on the album are excellent both musically and lyrically. We are entirely levitating while listening to this zero-skip album. However, we’ve noticed that 2 Baddies could also be a visual album because the songs are so dynamic. It’s almost as if the song comes to life right before your eyes. And, in our opinion, this is yet another success. Without being a visual album, 2 Baddies can simply transport us to the song’s mood by merely listening. We love the whole concept of the album so much that we just needed to visualize it! So, here is what NCT 127’s 2 Baddies would look like if it was a visual album, by The Honey POP. Enjoy! 


“Fast, we keep our own way / Do or die always / ‘Cause we ride on top gear”

When we got the album and pressed play, ‘Faster’ greeted us and immediately sucked us into the world of the 2 Baddies. The first songs of an album are extremely important, and NCT 127 were able to take us to another level right away. ‘Faster’ is a super NEO song – while it contains elements that we have heard from NCT 127 since their debut, it also includes elements that we have never heard from any other artist. The song’s highlights are the car engine and wheel sounds in the background. As the song progresses, we hear someone speeding up in the background and we can visualize it in an obvious way. Don’t even touch us. We are currently in the Fast and Furious universe, riding through a blue night while Jaehyun is rapping on the passenger seat.

‘2 Baddies’

“Zero to hundred on the highest speed / Nothing can stand in the way”

Ah, ‘2 Baddies.’ Our sweet, angry child. Doyoung spoiled the song a little before it was released by saying that each part of the song was the killing part, and he didn’t lie. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t been going about our daily tasks while singing random parts of the song! The sound of ‘2 Baddies’ is constantly changing, which is another iconic aspect that NCT 127 can handle flawlessly. And, of course, the song screams, “It is NCT 127,” so we had to use NEO green for the visuals. The song slaps, as expected, and every member absolutely ate it up. And we still can’t stop watching the music video over and over.

‘Time Lapse’

“Please don’t leave me alone / I’ve killed time too many times / Report, it’s a murder case”

We knew ‘Time Lapse’ would be a banger when we heard “INCOMING” at the beginning of the track, so shout out to Dem Jointz. The whole song leaves us speechless every time we listen to it. The harmonies, vocals, and raps, particularly Mark‘s part, and the way you can hear and visualize the ‘Time Lapse’ with the song’s beat… Everything is incredible. We are not sure if we can fix whatever our boys are talking about, but we know we won’t be able to get over this song for a long time.

‘Crash Landing’

“Hey, I’m feelin’ like / I wanna keep you close”

See? More evidence that NCT 127 is the most versatile group. Each member, especially our talented vocal line, gave their all to this song. We loved how they combined rap verses with vocal verses by using heavenly harmonies. The members described the song as a crash landing with a lover in an unexpected location, but being perfectly fine because you still have them by your side. So the song gives us butterflies, and Doyoung’s legendary high vocals only add to the experience!


“Meet me in rendezvous, it’s like heaven / A feeling I’ve never felt, yeah”

We’re not sure how NCT 127 figured out how to combine strong raps with soft vocals and make it sound good, but we don’t mind because as long as they have the secret recipe, we’re fine. When 2 Baddies was released, ‘Designer’ quickly became one of the fans’ favorite b-sides, and we can’t blame them because this song is a masterpiece. We absolutely adore the 2000s R&B vibe that this song radiates. The expensive and luxurious feeling that a beautiful love can give you cannot be described better. And kudos to our leader, Taeyong, for the rap. It was flawless!

‘Gold Dust’

“Only then did I noticе that the light in my hands / Was not a star, it was you”

Did you know that our rappers are incredible singers? No? Lean back and listen to ‘Gold Dust’ and you’ll find out. ‘Gold Dust’ is the epitome of a “heavenly song.” It makes you feel everything beautiful all at once, and those feelings are enhanced by beautiful vocals. And Haechan‘s performance in ‘Gold Dust’ is so insane that we don’t know how to handle it.

‘Black Clouds’

“A night I want to stop for a while, oh-oh / You and I holding hands”

Musically, ‘Black Clouds’ is a very clever song. NCT 127 captured the mood of rainy days with soothing yet emotional vocals. Every time we hear the song, we get the impression that black clouds will suddenly cover the sky and rain, which makes us feel serenity mixed with deep thoughts, will begin to fall. We also have no idea how to stop crying while Taeil sings that high note. What a beautiful song.


“Even if I forget everything and move on, I always go back to that time / Playback, playing your memory once again”

NCT 127 delivers yet another insane track for this new album! We hear a xylophone sound throughout the song, giving the song a clever industrial synth that makes the song the classic NCT 127 vibe. During the bridge, we can even hear a glitch in the record representing our brain’s error when we think about the beautiful moments we share with our loved ones. Take the mechanical theme and turn it romantic with layered and harmonized vocals, which NCT 127 excels at. And we think we can all agree that Yuta slayed that bridge!


“’Cause we’re savage, outlaws / Rock solid, no flaws”

We knew this one would be good from the moment we saw the title. And we’re at a loss for words because NCT 127 did not disappoint us even once. They are constantly serving. We’d love to see an MV for this because the song is very powerful and, like the other songs on the album, is an excellent representation of 127’s sound as they take an old-school tune and make it sound very fresh. Jungwoo was a savage in those parts of his! We love it. So much.

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“Tell me anything, telling me you’re struggling / Hand it all to me / No pain will ever bother you”

This song, in our opinion, deserves more attention because it is LIT! This is a song to vibe to from start to finish, and we’d love to see it performed live with choreography if possible. Thank you very much. You can definitely feel the members’ energy while listening to the song, so we think it would be amazing to start our day while listening to it! But we must warn you that after Johnny‘s intro, you may need to scream into your pillow before you begin your day.

‘LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)’

“Just enjoy today, don’t think about anything else / When you smile, you shine brighter than anyone else”

The title is self-explanatory. We love this song because of all the positive vibes and our members’ honey-like vocals. The boys teased us by making ‘LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)’ the intro to their Fill It Up series, in which they spent quality time together. So we can say that this song reminds us of everything sweet and lovely, such as laughter!

‘1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)’

“Just enjoy today, don’t think about anything else / When you smile, you shine brighter than anyone else”

And, of course, we added a new song to our “127 songs” saga with the 2 Baddies album. As you all know, using the numbers one, two, and seven in their songs is an NCT 127 thing, and it makes us so happy whenever we see them do it. We feel connected to those songs on another level while listening to them, just like ‘1, 2, 7 (Time Stops).’ And as the album’s final song, it served its purpose well, reminding us there are no skips on this album!

You might think, “Oh no, the album is over now. What am I supposed to do?” The only correct response is to listen to it again, as we have been doing at THP HQ since the album’s release. NCT 127 made us proud again with another successful album, and we don’t think we’ll ever be able to stop talking about their unique sound, mindblowing talent, and hard work that keeps everything going. Thank you to Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan for your efforts. You never disappoint us!

Don’t forget to stream NCT 127’s 2 Baddies here and tell us what vibe your favorite song on 2 Baddies gives to you on @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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