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How You Can Dress As Your Favorite BTS Era For Halloween

How You Can Dress As Your Favorite BTS Era For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means another month of spooky-themed surprises and iconic costumes that will blow our minds! We at THP love sharing our favorite music groups and trends–so why not combine K-POP and matching Halloween costumes? One group we absolutely love is BTS, and they have a huge range of styles to choose from among them. So sit back, let the costume inspiration slide in, and match with BTS’s various eras this Halloween! 😎

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‘I Need U’

I Need U’ is BTS’s first song to garner a music show win, so it’s only fitting that we acknowledge this iconic era with a themed outfit!

Image Source: BigHit

To replicate these outfits from the ‘I NEED U’ music video, style some dark jeans with combat boots, and wear a T-Shirt with a bomber jacket! To kick things up a notch, include some suspenders like how RM and SUGA do in the image above. We especially love this jacket to complete the look, and now we’ll be able to run along with BTS (since this combination also works with ‘Run.’)  

‘Boy With Luv’

Next up is BTS’s ‘Boy With Luv’ featuring Halsey! This is a simple ensemble with pink flowy outfits–perfect for moving and grooving along to the song.

Image Source: Official BTS Facebook

There is so much range for costume inspiration for this era, and as long as your outfit is pink and danceable, you are good to go! For a more Bangtan-inspired look, pair a flowy pink button-up top with pink pants and shoes, creating an ensemble of various blushing shades. Like Barbie and Elle Woods, BTS also slays the color pink, and ARMYs also can this Halloween. 💗💗


Just like ‘Boy with Luv,’ this is a song with a simple and fun outfit concept–pastels! There is more freedom in choosing an inspired look to recreate or coordinate this Halloween.

Image Source: BTS Official Facebook

Similarly to our previous recommendation, you can use any outfit as long as everything is the same color. In addition, if your friend group is also BTS fans, then they all can join and create a rainbow together. We recommend this button-up shirt to use in the ensemble–there is a wide range of pastel colors, and everyone can match! You can then complete the look with a top, bottoms (pants or shorts work), and colored shoes for a dynamite costume.

‘Blood Sweat & Tears’

Our last BTS era to cover is from the iconic Wings era, namely ‘Blood Sweat and Tears.’ We at THP hold this album close to our hearts as we recount the beautiful songs and stages that came with it!

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Image Source: BigHit

One of our favorite outfit sets from the ‘BST’ era is from one of their Inkigayo stages. In this performance, the members adorn various silky tops (that look so soft and comfortable) with black pants. Any satin long sleeve top with black pants combination would fit well with the concept. However, if you like functionality and having a variety of uses, a pajama set also works great–just ask SUGA‘s iconic pink outfit!

And that does it for our costume ideas from BTS’s various eras! Other outfits and stages that also inspired us are ‘Go Go’ and ‘Converse High.’ But with BTS, their discography has such a huge range that any song and performance can create a new costume–we can’t decide on a favorite!

Do you plan on dressing up as a BTS-era for Halloween? If yes, which era or performance pulled you in to dress up this year? Let us know in the comments, or share your costumes with us on our Instagram or Twitter!


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