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Our Wish List If Lewis Capaldi Were To Ever Do A Comedy Show

Our Wish List If Lewis Capaldi Were To Ever Do A Comedy Show

Our faves’ personalities are so readily on display, especially when we’re binge-watching videos on a cozy day in! Doja Cat, for example, is just as much of a homebody as Taylor Swift is, spending time on Twitch as her virtual character takes to the mountains. Joe Jonas is the type of nerdy that brings a nostalgic flashback to our childhoods with his SpongeBob SquarePants tattoo, and then, of course, our Lewis Capaldi quite literally has us in stitches!

We dare you to time yourself while watching one of Lewis’ interviews to see how long it takes for you to laugh. It probably won’t be long at all! In fact, we’re not the only ones who believe he could someday use a microphone to crack a couple of jokes during a stand-up act rather than projecting his majestic vocal cords in a forlorn number, as it’s the most repetitive plea on his socials.

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It’s inevitable that we’re created our own wishlist on what we’d like Lewis’ comedy show to look like, from the type of food catered to the audience because we promise you, he’ll spare you a seat at the table, to who he’d bring up on stage with him. However, you probably wouldn’t need the clue of an Irishmen to settle on the correct answer! And just FYI, when that day comes true, we’ll be sure to trace back to this article to see exactly what we manifested to life, hopefully, every single one.

Setting The Stage

As much as we’re praying for Lewis Capaldi to hit the live button again on Instagram sometime soon, we’re theorizing with an actual comedy show here, so we’re going to need an establishment that will house him and a thousand plus other fans! It’s the very groundwork before we dive into everything else. Of course, it’s going to have to be in the United Kingdom due to it being his main market base. For Americans – and you know, other international – fans, we’d suggest heading over to Google flights. Then with its popularity, having shone its lights onto 5 Seconds of Summer most recently, the easy option is Royal Albert Hall!

That doesn’t even answer what the lights would be! Costumes, visual effects? Does Lewis fly in on a suspender? He’d probably like to, being one for amusing theatrics, with a version of ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ by the boyband with Nick Carter’s blue gaze as Lewis’s opening for festivals, and other times, there’s a tightly grinning and most likely shi**ing himself mugshot! We reckon the latter, turning it into something you’d find at a carnival with his eyes mapping the room before he comes out through his mouth’s entrance in a puff of red smoke that matches the palette of his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.

On The Menu

We wouldn’t just be settling for run-of-the-mill concert food. No, our foodie extraordinaire would be channeling his inner 2014 Oscars by sending out his team into the audience to deliver pizza to eager mouths. In fact, he’s put so much dough into this elevation that under the brand name of Lewis Capaldi’s Big Sexy Pizza, he’d dish up both The Big Sexy Cheesy One and The Big Sexy Meaty One, a collaboration sponsored by Iceland and Tesco.

Knowing him, too, this segment would involve a fan cam inserted into the audience where he provides witty feedback in the tone of the audience member, believing that’s how many stars they would throw to his edible delights. We’re just grinning, thinking up how many memable facial expressions would go viral! 

Topics for Consideration

Lewis Capaldi already has so much material he can pull out from the Big Fat Sexy Story Highlights cabinet! One is when he finds out his net worth doesn’t match what he has in his wallet, jesting that the tax inspector’s sirens will be blasting upon finding out. Another is putting in a pre-warning to any Tinder shenanigans if he does anything unsavory, sorry, if his catfisher gets him into trouble.

There’s almost too much content that the challenging task would be coming up with something better than that. Though most recently, for an interview, he got a colonic cleansing done, which he later turned into a comedic spiel for a radio show, so pair his humor with the abnormal life that he lives, and his comedy act could go on for several hours. 


excuse all the noises, sort of comes with the territory #lewiscapaldi #colonic #forgetme

♬ original sound – Noisey_VICE

Musical Involvement

As much as we know Lewis is shadowing as a musician during the day as he plays out his real job as a comedian during the other hours, it wouldn’t really be his event if there weren’t some melancholy blues slotted in there. We’ve even seen some laughs in his music videos, particularly for his most recent single ‘Forget Me’ that mirrors Wham!’s ‘Club Tropicana.’ Lewis turns himself into George Michael, who dangles a cocktail in his hand as he bares down to just underwear, the same undressing Lewis plastered onto a billboard. 

Image Source: Lewis Capaldi on Instagram

Although we wouldn’t be entering into sad boi hours. Perhaps instead, by creating parodies of his hits, giving the stories satirical happy endings, or even comically showing these stories through things we would not expect. Like Katy Perry’s cartoon take on ‘Tucked’ that was a part of her The Smile Video Series. In the music video, a housewife has an affair with a candy-shaped man as her broccoli husband is none the wiser, however, it comes to a culmination when the roles swap and the two foods have their own rendezvous in front of the woman, giving her a sugar high. We’re not only needing Lewis and Katy to share friendship bracelets as their humor is similar but because it’s so identical, we’re waiting in awe wondering what he could come up with! 

Image Source: Katy Perry’s Official YouTube

More Audience Participation

Our Hollywood class clown doesn’t shy away from fan interaction. He is usually the one initiating it. If you were to scroll his TikTok page, you’d find many videos where he’s providing a humorous take on someone else’s through a cheeky duet. For example, in this one, he takes a detour into the POV side of TikTok where an aspiring actor plays the role of a bartender, and who portrays the character saddled up to the bar, you may ask? Lewis, of course. 

See Also

He could even turn this from technological to real-time! In a segment where he flicks through the accounts of those in the audience, he finds a video to take the mickey out on you. Don’t worry about getting your neighboring seatmate to record it either, as Lewis will be recording himself, uploading it afterward on his official account. He’ll jokingly make a few comments about not having one of those influencer ring lights, but it’s a worthy souvenir! 

Guest Performers

Niall Horan didn’t send Lewis a hilariously life-size cardboard cut-out of himself doing the throwback head tilt pose for you not to think they’re besties or not to employ him as a guest performer, salary in Guinness beers only. While there’s footage of them trust falling onto each other and serenading in the busking corners of Dublin, there has yet to be a recording of them combining their witty minds to create a comedy act, so we’re onto something here! 

Image Source: @horancover on Tumblr

We can look no further than Saturday Night Live for a perfect example of an ensemble shtick. While through peering into our mystical crystal balls, we know that Lewis’s time on the show is soon, Niall already has the experience under his belt through not just performing but also being involved in an act alongside Scarlett Johansson! What would it involve? Oh, the ideas are endless! They could spin SNL’s Every Movie Auditions Ever: Part 1, where the cast showcases their best actor impressions into a heartwarming parody of a music award show like The BRIT Awards – even involving other of our faves like Little Mix into the mix to make it as realistic as possible!

The Hypothetical Deets

Would you be the first person sitting in Ticketmaster’s queue upon Lewis announcing a comedy show? You’d be virtually waiting beside us, of course. And if so, did we meet your expectations, or is there something that you’d really like Lewis to include in the event? Let us know by interacting with our Twitter, @TheHoneyPop

Lewis slipped up recently in an interview by stating that an album is coming, although we probably already knew that! Be sure to go through our Lewis tag to satisfy your cravings, and then check back later on our Instagram and Facebook to be in the know of the release details. 


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