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QUIZ: Go Trick-Or-Treating And We’ll Tell You What Candy You Are

QUIZ: Go Trick-Or-Treating And We’ll Tell You What Candy You Are

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We’ve finally made it, folks! It’s officially the spooky season, AKA, the best time of the year. We at THP are continuing our series of Halloween-themed articles with, drumroll please, a sweet quiz!

So imagine this: It’s Halloween, and you’re preparing to trick-or-treat (while listening to our special Trick-Or-Treating playlist, of course!). Whether you hit up the rich neighborhoods or stay closer to home, where you go is entirely up to you. But some hypothetical decisions can say a lot about you, like what you choose as your Halloween theme song or how quickly you finish your candy.

Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of candy you are or which one best matches your personality? Are you Reese’s peanut butter cup or Sour Patch Kids type of person? Time to go trick-or-treating and find out!

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Your Results (No Peeking!)

Reese’s Cups: Much like the candy, you’re SUPER popular! You’re eager to celebrate Halloween, which is one of your favorite holidays. You know how to have a good time, and people like that about you.

Halloween candy quiz result Reese's Cups
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M&M’s: You just can’t go wrong with a pack of M&M’s! You’re easygoing and perfectly ok with having a small group of close friends. People like you because you’re reliable and honest.

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Candy Corn: You like the classics, play by the rules, and probably feel three times your age. It doesn’t matter how many people judge you. You’re still going to enjoy eating candy corn. People like you because you’re loyal, and you don’t switch up easily.

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Halloween candy quiz result Candy Corn
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Sour Patch Kids: Like the candy, you’re probably a menace. But hey, everyone needs some chaotic energy in their lives, and you’re happy to provide it. You make sure your inner child is thriving, which draws other people to you.

Sour Patch Kids
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So, which Halloween candy did you get? How accurate were your results? Leave us a comment below or let us know on our Instagram!

You can also share your results with us on Facebook and Twitter! And click here for more fun quizzes like this one!

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