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These Olly Murs Songs Are A Remedy For A ‘Broken Heart’

These Olly Murs Songs Are A Remedy For A ‘Broken Heart’

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At long last! Olly Murs is back and we are so excited for this new era. The cheeky Essex lad has taken time out of the spotlight but has made his major return with his brand new single ‘Die Of A Broken Heart.’ The pop reggae banger is the lead single off his upcoming album, Marry Me, which is set to release on December 2nd. We can hardly wait!

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Olly has always been a hopeless romantic, and his music is massively telling in this. From the love-at-first-sight to the loved-and-lost, Mr Murs has the song for you! Here’s some of our favorite love-filled songs by Olly that you need on your playlist.

‘You Don’t Know Love’

Taking it back to 2016, Olly Murs dropped the pure banger that is ‘You Don’t Know Love.’ The synth-pop breakup song sang of his recent heartbreak at the time, and was written with One Direction hitmaker Wayne Hector and our queen Kamille. Whenever we’re dealing with a broken heart, we’re sure to blast this and truly feel our vulnerable emotions.

‘Dear Darlin’

What. A. Tearjerker. Back in 2013, Olly dropped ‘Dear Darlin’ from his third album Right Place Right Time. The chilling track, according to Murs, is “about writing to someone to tell them how I feel about losing someone. It’s not the kind of song you’d expect me to write, as [I’m a] bubbly character, but [I was] able to open up.” We’re not crying, you are!

‘That Girl’

An album track from the deluxe version of his 2016 album, 24 Hrs, ‘That Girl’ was never planned to get the attention it did. But after a student in China was recorded singing it in class, the video went viral which in turn saw the original by Olly become popular, too. In fact, it’s still doing pretty well on TikTok now! Just proof that sometimes the album tracks really are the underdogs of a record! The ballad sings about losing someone through your own fault, and it really hits hard as a big pill to swallow for those who have been in similar situations.

‘I’m OK’

‘I’m OK’ is an oldie but goldie that comes from Olly’s sophomore album In Case You Didn’t Know. The song takes a more upbeat approach of the end of a relationship, singing about the aftermath of that initial broken heart as it starts to heal again. The bridge of this song really feels like the pinnacle of getting over someone and is like a pin-drop moment that we love so much!

‘Hope You Got What You Came For’

Coming from his 2014 album Never Been Better, ‘I Hope You Got What You Came For’ is a pure emotional piano ballad that really showcases Olly in his vulnerable moments at the end of a failed relationship. It’s a dramatic track that really allows you to sing at the top of your lungs to let those emotions out, so go ahead bb. We won’t judge you.

‘Die Of A Broken Heart’

‘Die Of A Broken Heart’ is the new single from Olly Murs from his upcoming album Marry Me. Speaking about the lead single, Olly says: It has that steel drum at the intro, which just gets in your head straight away. It has a very Gotye, ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ feel to it, with a touch of The Police – and just a coolness to it. That really excited me.” The song sings about how he is so in love with someone that he if they were to leave, he’d be absolutely broken. What a romantic! It’s no wonder that even after thirteen years since The X Factor he’s still so widely loved.

Olly will also be embarking on a tour next year following the release of Marry Me. The tour is set to take place across the UK over the months of April and May, including stops in Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, and London. Anyone who pre-orders the new album will be entitled to pre-sale, with general sale on Friday October 14th at 9AM BST.

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‘Die Of A Broken Heart’ is out now. Marry Me is available for pre-order

Are you loving ‘Die Of A Broken Heart?’ What Olly Murs song gets you through heartbreak? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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