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The Six Chapters of Seulgi’s 28 Reasons

The Six Chapters of Seulgi’s 28 Reasons

Six Chapters Seulgi 28 Reasons

Reveluvs, take a seat and settle in because the movie is about to begin. What movie, you ask? Oh, only the cinematic masterpiece that is Seulgi’s 28 Reasons, her debut EP that just dropped! Yes, you read that correctly; Seulgi has finally made her long-awaited solo debut, and we could not be more thrilled. We got a bit of a glimpse of Seulgi’s talent on a smaller scale with her subunit project with Irene, but now we get to witness her vocals and performance on their own.

It is safe to say that Seulgi did not disappoint. The trailer set the tone for her debut, and from start to finish, it felt like Seulgi immersed us in a cinematic universe that she built herself. So, let’s sit down and watch the silver screen. We’re going to delve into the six chapters of Seulgi’s 28 Reasons!

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Because of the cinematic and conceptual setup of this album, we’re going to take you through each song as if it were a scene from a dark retelling of a fairytale. If you’ve been keeping up with this comeback, you’ll know Seulgi’s concept photos were inspired by Snow White! She gave us a lighter set called Snow White and a darker set named Grimhilde after the evil queen.

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We haven’t quite figured out if there’s a special meaning behind the Snow White inspo, we’ll entertain the idea that it intertwines with the story of 28 Reasons. This is just the beginning of the Seulgi Cinematic Universe. With that said, once upon a time

Chapter 1: ‘28 Reasons’

…There was an evil queen named Seulgi. Here, she has already completely embraced her dark side after all the events of the mini-album have occurred – think of it as a peek into the future before she explains how we got there. Seulgi has completely embraced the darkness in her and this song sends the message: “I am who I am now and this is what I’m capable of.” Sure, she’s an evil queen but she’s not the devil. And she really doesn’t care if you hate her either.

I’m not the devil
Hate me as you want, I don’t care
The more you break, the more you’ll want me

Seulgi, ’28 Reasons’

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The music video gives us a closer look at how Seulgi became “evil,” showing a “pure” Seulgi in a white dress (much like in the Snow White concept photos) getting caught up in chains by the evil side of Seulgi, who’s dressed in black. The color symbolism here is genius!

The good Seulgi is suspended in the air, hanging on by the chain while evil Seulgi keeps her there for a while. It happens within a split second during the bridge, but evil Seulgi pulls good Seulgi up with her, which transitions into the choreography. Essentially, we’ve watched the internal fight between good and evil within Seulgi, and clearly, her evil side won.

Image Source: @ahwak on Tumblr

We close this chapter (and video) out with a small blurb that sets the tone for the rest of the story: “Good and evil people are not clearly distinguished. Good and evil coexist within one person. Even if one seems good, greed and temptation always exist together inside. We simply try to resist from being captivated by evil.”

Since we started from the end, the next chapter will take us back to the beginning of the story. We only have one question: whose brother are you kissing, Seulgi?

Chapter 2: ‘Dead Man Runnin”

Now, this is the start of the story. Here, we see Seulgi (before falling into the temptation of evil) warning someone that she can turn them into a ‘Dead Man Runnin’.’ From the very beginning, we see Seulgi deal with a bit of an internal struggle – as we learned from the ’28 Reasons’ music video ending, there is good and evil within every person, and we see them battling within her here.

The haunting sound of the song proves how ominous this warning is and really plays into the evil that’s rising within Seulgi. Her vocals are raw, and she plays with them a bit to show how she is serious about turning this person into a ‘Dead Man Runnin’.’ Let’s see what happens next…

Chapter 3: ‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl’

Well, well, well. We’ve found out who Seulgi was seemingly talking to on ‘Dead Man Runnin” – it’s the bad boy from ‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl!’ But maybe he isn’t so bad. While Seulgi details her insecurities about their connection, he tells Seulgi that she’s got it all wrong and that he likes her (and everything about her). It turns out he’s trying to keep her from being a “sad girl” and falling into that darkness. Are we witnessing a budding romance? Let’s keep watching.

Chapter 4: ‘Anywhere But Home’

Now we see Seulgi tell this “bad boy” to be her knight in shining armor and take her away from home, effectively rescuing her from a bad dream or environment. The message almost goes back to Snow White – in the fairytale, a huntsman takes Snow White away from the castle at the request of the Evil Queen.

The sound of this song is a bit lighter than the ones before, which might hint at hope – she hasn’t succumbed to darkness just yet. Hang on, we’re getting to the turning point!

Chapter 5: ‘Los Angeles’

Oh, how the tables turn. Suddenly, things start going sideways! Now Seulgi is “lost in Los Angeles” and starts to fall into that darkness despite the “bad boy” taking her away from an environment of chaos. She asks to be hugged “in the arms of an angel,” but by then, it’s too late. Seulgi had already embraced the darkness by that point. She’s free, and there are no chains on her.

Chapter 6: ‘Crown’

Finally, any possibility of a romance between the “bad boy” and “sad girl” is now gone. ‘Crown’ represents the climax of the story – this is where Seulgi tips from good to evil, falling into that temptation and embracing the darkness. Basically, she takes the crown… and becomes the evil queen.

Seulgi ensnares the “bad boy” in her magic and he turns into her prisoner. It seems as though she wants him to watch as she embraces this dark side and takes the crown for herself. Maybe his perspective of Seulgi shifts and he no longer feels the same about her – which brings us to present-day, ’28 Reasons’ Seulgi. The end… for now.

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Whether or not Seulgi has a “happily ever after” is up to you to decide, but we don’t see her complaining. The line between good and evil is a thin one! For some, it may take quite a lot to tip them over into darkness, but for others, it might take just one incident for them to give in to temptation. Like Seulgi, everyone has good and evil within. So, where do you lie?

Closing Remarks

Was that too dramatic? We hope you enjoyed our interpretation of 28 Reasons through a storybook lens! There is so much to say about this album, but down to its core, it is a cinematic masterpiece. Seulgi outdid herself – and on her debut, no less! We also wanted to share this cool piece of information we discovered about ‘28 Reasons’:

What a cool character to take inspiration from! Not to mention, ‘28 Reasons’ could pass as Scarlet Witch’s anthem. It’s also coincidental that Scarlet Witch went from a hero to a villain in the MCU… don’t mind us trying to connect the dots. Oh, and did you know that Seulgi wrote the lyrics for ‘Dead Man Runnin” as well? She’s truly spectacular, who is doing it like Kang Seulgi?

So Seulmates and Reveluvs, what did you think about Seulgi’s debut? Was it what you expected? Which track is your favorite? Did you also get chills while listening to ‘Dead Man Runnin’?’ Don’t be a stranger! Let us know in the comments, or shed some light on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, and/or Facebook. Now if you excuse us, we have to go rewatch ‘28 Reasons’ because once was not enough.

Six Chapters Seulgi 28 Reasons
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