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Dreamcatcher’s ‘VISION’ Is All We Can Think About

Dreamcatcher’s ‘VISION’ Is All We Can Think About

Dreamcatcher had an extremely successful year so far, to say the least. They released their second full-length album, Apocalypse : Save Us, from which the title track ‘MAISON’ earned them their two first wins, and they embarked on another world tour. But it’s not over yet, because the girls are back with the second installment to their Apocalypse series with ‘VISION’ and Apocalypse : Follow Us. It can be hard to follow up on such a massive success as the one that was their first comeback of 2022, but Dreamcatcher seems to be going bigger and better every single time – didn’t expect any less from our girls.

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This might be one of their best and most powerful title tracks to date. While starting with a surprising retro vibe, the chorus just explodes in a rock chorus – one that feels so particular to Dreamcatcher’s style. The chorus is so addictive and the last line just gets ingrained in your brain. It’s just genius song-producing and song-writing. And the execution of it all is just mindblowing and flawless. The vocals are absolutely insane as always, and Dami’s best rap verse is everything. Dreamcatcher just outdid themselves with ‘VISION.’

When it comes to the music video, ‘VISION’ serves as a follow-up to the world they established in ‘MAISON’ – a post-apocalyptic world that they have to save. The styling is just gorgeous and we can’t help but be obsessed with each of the girls, they just look incredible. And well, yes, it’s Dreamcatcher, so of course, the choreography is amazing and makes you want to loop the music video over and over again. ‘VISION’ is simply another genius and incredible release from Dreamcatcher – they truly never fail us.

Apocalypse: Follow Us

Along with an electronic intro, ‘Intro: Chaotical X,’ and an outro, ‘Outro : Mother Nature,’ the group released three perfect b-sides to this insane title track.

‘Fairytale’ is a hopeful feel-good pop-rock song. Yet, there’s some type of retro feel to it. The lyrics are extremely heartwarming and show the more comforting side of Dreamcatcher’s music. We’re no strangers to this type of feel, but the approach to this genre is quite different from the rest of their songs. And it is mind-blowingly good. The bridge just hits. On the other hand, sticking to a positive message, ‘Some Love’ is an example of a brighter and more fun side to Dreamcatcher. With that guitar riff, the song is just incredibly addictive. Dreamcatcher are here to spread positivity, love and encourage self-love and it’s something we love to see.

And of course, a ballad can never miss in a Dreamcatcher’s release. While all the other songs in the mini-album show positivity, brightness, and hopefulness, ‘Rainy Days’ might be one of Dreamcatcher’s saddest songs to date. With a simple yet beautiful piano melody and their powerful and emotional vocals, Dreamcatcher manage to break our hearts with this one. With four songs, Dreamcatcher manage to take us on a trip through so many feelings and it shows just how diverse their music is.

Image source: Dreamcatcher Company

It’s been an incredible year for Dreamcatcher, but it’s far from being over. We can’t wait to see what they achieve with this incredible comeback, and what the second part of their world tour has in store for us. ‘VISION’ already has a hold on us that won’t go away anytime soon. Dreamcatcher are just that good.

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