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Mamamoo Keep Their Mic On In Latest Comeback!

Mamamoo Keep Their Mic On In Latest Comeback!

MooMoos, we hope you’re sitting down! Mamamoo have returned with their 12th EP, Mic On, and it’s a comeback worth waiting for! Mic On features three songs, all of which are bops, by the way. And although three songs are considered shorter than their usual mini-albums, we at THP are beyond glad that we got an OT4 comeback before the end of the year.

Mic On concept photos
Image Source: RBW Entertainment (Left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa)

Ever since their last group comeback with I Say Mamamoo: The Best, Mamamoo have had a busy year! Hwasa, Wheein, Solar, and Moonbyul each had a solo comeback, and we love seeing them thrive as individuals and as a group. We can’t forget about Solar and Moonbyul’s unit song either! We could go into more detail, but we already have!

All three tracks on Mamamoo’s Mic On are title track-worthy, and we expected nothing less from our powerhouses. Let’s rave about each one!

‘1,2,3 Eoi!’

We’re starting with the first song on Mic On: ‘1,2,3 Eoi!’ This track is reminiscent of Mamamoo‘s signature sound that we fell for early on in their career. We feel nostalgic for the funky, swing style of ‘Piano Man’ and ‘Ahh Oop!’ And Solar’s “Mama, mama, moo” takes us right back to that era. She also contributed to the lyrics to ‘1,2,3 Eoi!’, a track Moonbyul co-wrote with her. (The talent jumped out once again!)


Whew. The title track ‘ILLELLA’ gave us chills as soon as we started listening! The beat is so addicting, and the girls sing about an intimate and exciting night between two people. “Something’s about to break,” and it’s our resolve. We also want to take a second to compliment the stylists because they knew what they were doing with Mamamoo‘s outfits in the ‘ILLELLA’ music video. Everyone slayed, especially during the dance break!


Mamamoo‘s Mic On would be incomplete without a groovy track like ‘L.I.E.C.’ ‘L.I.E.C.’ is the perfect ending to an already high-quality mini-album. Mamamoo sing about doing everything you want and just playing without any worries. Whether you’re having a night in or a night out, this song is bound to get you L.I.T.

Mic On takes everything we love about Mamamoo and packages it into these three bops. And with a world tour on the horizon, we hope our girls can perform in as many cities as they want! Until we get more details, we’ll plan our strategy for securing concert tickets. We’ll do anything to see them on stage. Anything.

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Mamamoo Mic On concept photos
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

What was your favorite song from Mamamoo’s Mic On? We want to hear from you on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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