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Kwon Eunbi Takes Us ‘Underwater’ With Lethality

Kwon Eunbi Takes Us ‘Underwater’ With Lethality

If there’s one thing we can say about Eunbi as a soloist, it’s that listening to her is always a blast. With her third mini-album, she continues to affirm herself as one of the most interesting rising solo artists, captivating us once more with Lethality and ‘Underwater.’ This is pop perfection, to say the least.

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Eunbi simply hypnotizes us with ‘Underwater.’ The use of synth and the explosive pop chorus make it so addictive, as well as raw pop perfection. It’s almost reminiscent of Clean Bandit’s sound, so if you like any of their music, this is definitely for you. ‘Underwater’ also serves Eunbi’s voice so incredibly well, and its big, emotional chorus creates such an amazing atmosphere. ‘Underwater’ is a satisfyingly beautiful song to listen to, one we could loop for hours on end.

It’s amazing to see Eunbi explore different sides of pop music and see her absolutely own it every single time. Even if we loved ‘Door‘ and ‘Glitch,’ ‘Underwater’ is most probably our favorite Eunbi title track to date. She really shines with this one – ‘Underwater’ is just addictive and that good.


While ‘Underwater’ drifts slightly away from the sound Eunbi had established in ‘Glitch,’ that’s not necessarily true for all the incredible b-sides we find on Lethality. ‘Croquis’ has that exquisite city-pop, dance, and electronic feel that we loved from ‘Glitch,’ so if you were a hardcore stan for that song, this will surely be your favorite b-side.

Meanwhile, ‘Simulation’ manages to mix all the best parts of Eunbi’s music into one song. Not only is the melody in the chorus pop perfection, but it beautifully showcases her powerful vocals. The verses may be subtle, but the explosive, confident chorus is just everything. This mixture makes the song so sophisticated and one of the best songs in her entire discography.

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‘Flash’ (produced by PARKMOONCHI) is a fun, more lowkey, and groovy love song. It has some hints of jazz influence which fits Eunbi‘s voice and energy so well. However, ‘Hi’ is by far the song that sets itself apart the most. Its explosive pop chorus makes it the most fun and bright song on the entire EP. It’s energetic and has such a feel-good vibe to it that will have you singing and dancing around. ‘Hi’ simply makes you love life. It’s a boost of energy and shows yet another facade of Eunbi’s talent and music. Its mixture of genres makes it so special, and the perfect closure to Lethality.

Eunbi truly explored different vibes and genres while perfecting a discography we already absolutely loved. The way she unveils new sides of herself through her music all while staying really true to her previous releases is quite incredible. She never disappoints! One thing is for sure, it’s always a blast to listen to Eunbi, and ‘Underwater’ is further proof of it.

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Image Source: Wollim Entertainment

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