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We Spent the Night in Louisville with Jack Harlow

We Spent the Night in Louisville with Jack Harlow

If you recall, we shared the exciting news that Jack Harlow would be holding an exclusive concert for American Express card members a few days ago. Well, we managed to snag a couple of tickets before the show sold out, and we were able to spend the night in “Louisville” (AKA New York)!

We know that for those who couldn’t attend the show, there was an option to watch the livestream on Twitch — so we hope that any of you who wanted to go but couldn’t, took advantage of that!

Louisville by Jack Harlow easily turned into one of the best concerts and overall experiences that we’ve ever been to! A hometown themed concert put on by American Express turned into a night to remember. Held at Brooklyn Steel, the venue had an 1,800 capacity; compared to Barclays Center, where he played only nights before, where it holds up to 19,000 people.

Image Source: Mike Coppola

We were met with trays full of free food, eagerly greeted by the staff, and encouraged to browse around to look at the exclusive merch and for those of us that were over 21, there were multiple bars to order from. The bar featured Kentucky cocktails, including a Louie Lemonade and First Class Slugger. (We kept it safe with our go to drink, margaritas.)

The exclusive merch was created by Louisville illustrator, Bri Bowers, known for various works, including pieces for Harlow. The T-shirts and posters available had a print that featured iconic landmarks from Harlow’s hometown. Concertgoers also had the option to customize any of the merchandise that they purchased.

And once we entered the stage area, there were even more staff members with trays of fettuccini from Jack’s favorite Italian restaurant, Vincenzo’s, a sandwich that originated in Louisville called “The Hot Brown,” and macaroons. We even managed to grab cannolis amongst other concertgoers as we exited the venue, which came in an exclusive black bag that read “Louisville by Jack Harlow. Thank you for coming.” The goodie bag also had a playing card illustrated by Bri Bowers, that featured Jack on it!

Image Source: Mike Coppola

After a DJ set featuring songs we all knew and loved, Jack Harlow came out to play about an hour-long setlist that was full of all of his hits. Every fan in the crowd was moving, singing along, and overall happy to be there. It also came as a shock to fans when the rapper brought out another Louisville native, Bryson Tiller. There was never a dull moment in this crowd. Everyone was hyped to see their favorite rapper, including us.

We went from having never seen Jack Harlow live, to seeing him twice in the same week. What are we supposed to do now that he’s officially left New York? Cry about it? Get a plane ticket to see him in the next city? Our options are endless!

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All in all, we just can’t get enough of Jack Harlow. Come home to Brooklyn, Jack, the kids miss you.

Image Source: @jackhrlw on Tumblr

Have you had the opportunity to see Jack Harlow live? Even if you haven’t let us know which track you are dying to see him perform live, in the comments down below, or over on our Twitter and Facebook!

If you’re anything like us, more Jack Harlow content is just a click away.


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