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9 Times Lily Of NMIXX Proved She’s A Vocal Powerhouse

9 Times Lily Of NMIXX Proved She’s A Vocal Powerhouse

When it comes to vocals, fourth-gen K-Pop idols really aren’t playing around. And that’s especially true for Lily of NMIXX, who trained for seven years before her debut! She has some of the best vocals in the industry, hitting high notes with ease and giving us gorgeous lower tones as well.

Let’s celebrate Lily today and look back at some of her best vocal moments! Get ready to be amazed, because she’s seriously talented.

Image Source: @7nmixx on Tumblr

Performing ‘O.O’ Live

With NMIXX’s debut, we got countless incredible performances of ‘O.O!’ Lily was definitely a standout during those performances, showcasing her stability and how effortlessly she can pull off a high note.

Covering Red Velvet’s ‘Psycho’

It’s pretty hard to come by a cover of Red Velvet’s iconic track ‘Psycho’ because of the soaring high notes, so imagine our surprise when Lily performed it on Leemujin Service! She nailed the falsetto moments and the piano backing let her voice take center stage as it deserves.

Covering Adele’s ‘Hello’

Okay, we have to add one more of the covers from Lily’s appearance on Leemujin Service because they were just so good! Her version of ‘Hello’ by Adele gave us serious goosebumps, especially after she said she covered it as a trainee. She captured the emotion of the song so well and Lee Mujin’s reaction is so relatable.

Singing ‘TANK’ Acapella

So we mentioned that the ‘Hello’ cover gave us goosebumps, but the OG Lily goosebumps moment for us is when we heard her sing the high note of ‘TANK’ at NMIXX’s debut showcase! It sounded so magical and it blows our minds that she can just be sitting there and do that out of nowhere.

Singing ‘DICE’ Acapella

While we’re on the topic of NMIXX showcases, let’s hop on over to the ENTWURF era and talk about Lily’s vocals on ‘DICE!’ Sullyoon got the main high note of the song, but Lily follows it with a little crescendo of her own – what an iconic duo. This section already blew us away in the studio version and this acapella moment took it to the next level.

Covering Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

In the middle of preparing ENTWURF and ‘DICE’ for us, NMIXX did a V-Live where they covered some of their favorite songs. And of course, our resident Swiftie covered a Taylor Swift song! Lily captured the vibe of the original so well and that angst on “indie record that’s much cooler than mine” seems to nod to the edgier rendition Taylor did on her 1989 Tour in 2014.

Her Vocals On ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’

So we all agree that ‘COOL’ showed off NMIXX’s vocal strength unlike any song they’ve released before, correct? Good! Lily’s voice sounded so smooth and pretty on this track and we’re still not over it. Her high notes always blow us away, but her middle range is just as impressive!

See Also

Covering ‘Speechless’ With Haewon

Disney songs are magical on their own, but add two of our favorite vocalists to the mix and they become ethereal. Lily and Haewon’s voices complement each other so well in this cover of ‘Speechless’ from the live-action Aladdin – they first did it before NMIXX’s debut and later gave us an updated version on Weekly Idol. The harmonies?? Hello??

Covering Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’

In late 2021, JYP unveiled NMIXX’s members with a series of covers, and Lily’s version of ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry was definitely one of our faves! Her energy in this video is so infectious and her voice stays so stable even with all the high notes. How does she do it? No clue, but we hope she keeps doing it.

What are your favorite Lily covers? What about your favorite Lily moments in NMIXX’s original songs? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NMIXX content, click here!


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