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Nessa Barrett Has Vowed To Be young forever With The Release Of Her Debut Album!

Nessa Barrett Has Vowed To Be young forever With The Release Of Her Debut Album!

We’ve been waiting for the release of this album for the longest time, and it’s finally here! Nessa Barrett released her debut album, young forever, and words can not sum up how beautiful it is. We’ve picked four of our favorite tracks from this gorgeous album! We hope that these four will tempt you to stream it! 

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records

‘die first’

We chose ‘die first’ to tell you about because, first and foremost, the message is beautiful. Nessa dedicated this song to both her mother and her best friend, Cooper Noriega, who passed earlier this year. We’re honored that Nessa was willing to share this heartwarming song with all of us!

We’ve seen a lot of people dedicating this song to their loved ones, and we think that’s amazing. This song is one that anyone would be able to listen to and find comfort in. We all want to curl up together in the HQ meeting room and hug while it plays. It’s worth every stream. Nessa Barrett, we demand to engulf you in a hug.

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records


Nessa teased us for so long with this song, and when it was finally released, we knew why. This track is monumental that she had to be preparing us for the genius. The moment we hear the song in its entirety, let’s just say a lot of The Honey POP’s staff was inconsolable.

Despite the screaming from half of HQ, we managed to learn the entire song very quickly. The lyrics are just about embedded into our brains like a microchip. The chorus is so relatable we found ourselves with boyfriends we don’t have. (Book boyfriends and band boyfriends do not count. They’re perfect. Nessa Barrett is perfect!)

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records


We can already sense that this song is going to be underrated, and we’ve decided to stop that before it happens. We want this song to top the charts yesterday. It’s so soft, yet the lyrics scream everything it’s meaning to say. Nessa Barrett truly has that talent, we can’t help but applaud her. 

The entire meaning of this song makes us feel like our inner battles are seen. One thing we truly admire about Nessa Barrett is the way she’s always willing to be open about her battles with mental health issues, and this song shows that so well. We will always seek out this song for comfort.

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Records


‘decay’ is a love song with a Nessa Barrett twist, and we’re obsessed with it. This track definitely has a spooky aspect, and we think it’s the perfect song to post your couples costumes with. We will be playing this song every day for the foreseeable future, and no, you cannot stop us.

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As the eleventh track on a thirteen-track album, we think it’s an amazing closer. Its instrumental feels very similar to ‘tired of california,’ which is the first song on young forever, and we can’t get enough of it either. We want to personally hand Nessa Barrett our hearts for creating ‘decay.’

Image Source: Nessa Barrett On Youtube

Whether you know much about Nessa or not, one thing everyone should know is how much she loves her music. We admire her transparency and the hard work and emotion she puts into every song she releases. This album is a story she blessed us with, and we think you’ll love it!

Have you heard young forever yet? Which song is your favorite? When Nessa announces her tour, will we be seeing you there? Did you get any of her young forever merch? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Join us on Discord for even more fun! 


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