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Omega X Brought The Fiesta To Their Connect: Don’t Give Up World Tour

Omega X Brought The Fiesta To Their Connect: Don’t Give Up World Tour

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To say we were excited to finally be able to see Omega X live is an understatement. For most fans, they’ve been waiting for what felt like years to finally see Omega X in concert, and like us, we know they weren’t let down.

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We were lucky enough to catch Omega X on their first World Tour at their San Antonio stop. By this time, they were already on their third straight show, and they carried that energy we saw in their very first show up to ours! From the moment they hit the stage with ‘VAMOS’ to the end of the show, their energy was always at its max. We even heard a FOR X in the crowd saying they didn’t understand how they had so much energy, and we were thinking the exact same thing. Please share your secret Omega X!

Before we move on to our favorite moments from the show, we wanna brag about OX a bit more. So throughout the show, their vocals never wavered; they were so consistent, it was a bit scary. It could be that most of the members have been doing this for a while, or they’re just that good, we are still very impressed.

So, we can’t talk about our favorite moments without first talking about ‘VAMOS.’ We believe it was the perfect track to open up the show, especially in San Antonio, as the crowd couldn’t help but sing loudly to “Vamos a la fiesta.” A close second has to be their performance of ‘YOUNGER,’ which always has us in tears, and of course, Xen singing ‘Night Changes’ by One Direction. That Directioner to K-POP stan pipeline is strong.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with fellow FOR X’s, and of course, Omega X, who are just extremely talented, and probably the nicest people we’ve ever met. We’re rooting so hard for Omega X, and can’t wait to see them again on their next tour, so till next time, Omega X, thank you for a great show!

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Did you go to one of the stops on the Connect: Don’t Give Up World Tour? Did you get tickets to take selfies with Omega X? Let us know in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • I was at this stop!! It was also my 6th show with them and each time they put so much passion and energy in to their performances. I agree idk where they get their energy because I was exhausted until they got on stage and started singing. Omega X and For X feed off of each other and I couldn’t be more proud of my boys or my fandom!

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