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How You Can Dress As Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era For Halloween

How You Can Dress As Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era For Halloween

One doesn’t have to look further than the pop-enthused comeback of the decade, ‘Look At What You Made Me Do,’ for an intensive lookbook of Taylor Swift’s costumes throughout her career. In fact, laced with the instrumental backing from Mean Girls’ very own Halloween dress-up sequence, a slicked-back Taylor acts as the main honcho to her younger counterparts as they battle it out underneath a glowing T. There’s the ballerina version of her who refrained from pirouetting with the others to truly ‘Shake It Off,’ making her Juliet skirt spin just like a moving hula hoop, to her in the Sparks Fly dress using her hand bedazzled with a glittering 13 to claw at Red’s ringmaster.

If you pause at the right moment, you may even catch all of the tiny details you need to replicate the costume! However, if its dark green lighting is a little too distracting and using the brightening feature on Photoshop isn’t enough, then you’re in luck because we’ve broken down each look, going through the many eras of Miss Swift! Is there a particular album you’re drawing inspiration from? Can you somehow round up nine friends to throw the ultimate Swiftie party to go viral on Tiktok? Only time will tell until we’ve collected all of the Midnights before Halloween. 

Image Source: @sheiscoming on Tumblr

Taylor Swift

All we have to do is take a glance at Taylor’s debut album cover to recount the era’s aesthetic of bouncy curls, long dresses that, when pulled up, could show country boots underneath, and that yee-haw accent! For a more modernized approach, frankiejanecouture on TikTok has curated wedding dresses inspired by the era, though they can easily just be a gorgeous white frock from your wardrobe! 

Taylor loved dresses so much that there’s even one shown in the ‘Our Song’ music video, a bright blue Cinderella gown! 


Perhaps the toughest debate for a Swiftie is which track of Taylor’s was her biggest breakout song: ‘Love Story’ or ‘You Belong With Me.’ We’re going with the latter to show off Lotte’s talent, as she shows a step-by-step process of this cute band member costume that Taylor wore during the Fearless Tour

As for the music video itself, a fun activity is to DIY your own Junior Jewels shirt, or you can buy Taylor’s Version which TheBlueHat designed on Etsy. 

Speak Now

The color purple was the vibe for the Speak Now era, mostly seen through the sweeping dress presented on the album cover! It’s so integral to the enchanting period that Sophie, aka sophdoeslife, who is a popular makeup artist on YouTube, and an even more excited Swiftie – she’ll be helping us out a bit later! – created her own makeup look inspired by the album. 


Taylor Swift albums as makeup looks part 3: Speak Now 💜🔮💖✨ What should I do next? 👀 @taylornation #taylorswift #taylornation


Of course, you’ll need a costume, and this tour fit where Tay’s dressed for her about-to-be-interrupted crush’s wedding is just perfect! 


There are so many decorative cakes out there that channel Taylor’s discography but none of them are complete for your day without the song ‘22’ replacing ‘Happy Birthday.’ In the music video, Taylor’s dressed as a Tumblr hipster, and you know we’ve got you covered! 

Another popular look from the era is the ringmaster costume where Taylor Swift waves around a cane during ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ Odalys Nahir leads us through her take on the design. 


We’re always channeling our inner cheerleaders on the socials whenever Taylor drops an announcement but are you ready to “shake, shake, shake” your pom-poms with Pineapple Princess Creations’ DIY? 

Perhaps, you need to channel your ‘Blank Space’ persona instead? Here’s a complete take on the music video look, and, no, we’re not hungry; that’s actually a fake cake that you can carry around as a prop, along with a plush cat resembling the itty bitty kitty committee. 


We don’t even need to finish the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ saying, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now,” to hear the feigned shock-sounding drag of “Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.” It’s going to be your mantra all night, dressed as the very zombified version of Tay, who rose from her own grave! And we told you Soph would be back to help us achieve the Taylorification on Halloween get-ups. 

We’re speaking about Tay here, head of operation Easter eggs, and to further emphasize that she’s back from the dead, she’s also wearing the ‘Out Of The Woods’ dress from the 1989 era! 

For less dirt and a more glitzy side of reputation, turn your bedroom into its own kingdom with this ‘Delicate’ dupe! 


Taylor Swift really had us wanting to find a giant inflatable pool decorated with roses so we could float in a furry, pink coat! So much so that we hunted down Kayley Melissa’s, a hairstylist on YouTube, tutorial on the glamorous do. Not only is it that one, but it’s also the other hairstyle where Taylor’s fanning herself on a tanning bead with a pushed-back quiff. 

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To finish the two looks, you’ll need either a yellow vintage bikini or a glittering high-waist; we’ll let you decide! 


For every star stitched onto the cardigan that Taylor redrew a heart around, with her heart healing songs that her songs nursed after our exes let them bleed, there is a dupe only a Google search away. We could also learn how to crochet with CROCHET BY BEV’s help. 


Taylor Swift wanted to stay in the ethereal forest, and honestly, so did we if it meant more braids; one even has a cute flower crown! It’s on Kayley, again, hair extraordinaire! 

To achieve the look, go for a bohemian dress seen in the ‘Willow’ music video or the rustic fall coat pictured on the album art. 


Do you think there’s no way someone has already crafted up a DIY for the album with the knowledge that it’s only coming out tomorrow – yes, tomorrow! Do you hear us screaming?! –well, we’ve had to do something with our Midnights. Bicky takes you through creating Taylor’s after-party ensemble from the MTV Video Music Awards


please recreate this and tag me! Shout out to @__e.rxn for finding these items 🥰💙✨🌌🕰💫🕯 #taylorswift #taylornation #swiftie #swifttok #taylorsversion #tsmidnights #midnights #meetmeatmidnight #midnightstaylorsversion #taylorswiftmidnights

♬ original sound – bicky

As you step into the Swift universe for your Halloween night, whether that’s Lover’s ‘Cornelia Street’ or the Swiftian forest that holds thrilling folklore, we hope you snap a photo for us and tweet it out to @TheHoneyPop

Follow along on our other socials as well, Facebook and Instagram, as we’ll be carrying the spooktacular theme into the month. 


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