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5 Things To Do With Your Bestie On Your Next Road Trip Inspired By Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi

5 Things To Do With Your Bestie On Your Next Road Trip Inspired By Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi

When planning a road trip, is there no one better to claim “shotgun” than your bestie? While we still have the music rights (that means only our hand controls the radio dial 🤫), the otherwise tedious minutes spent taking you from your home to your destination of choice are filled with unfolding memories. Whether that’s from banter, passionately talking about shared interests, or, most importantly, comfortable silence as you wonder why they’re able to fall asleep, and you must continue driving? 

Image Source: Guinness via Niall Horan’s Official Instagram

Pals Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi agree with us, having reached the highest level of friendship! They could even make sending gifs to each other the new editing your group chat name, as they have several together. So clearly, they’re a creditable judge. For the documentary Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi, we act as the fly on the wall to their three-day road trip around Ireland. Belfast, Dublin, Carlingford, and Mullingar are the cities they travel through! However, it all comes to a head when the duo takes to the stage. Just where’s the stage located? At a pub, Niall used to be a regular at, of course.

niall lewis road trip
Image Source: Niall Horan’s Official Instagram

Road Trip For A Plus One

Although the performance is the main event, many activities are scattered between these days. We thought we’d curate a list of all of these Niall and Lewis bestie dates as the next time you schedule some friendship time on a road trip, the ideas will flow for what touristy attraction to visit next! The best thing, too, is that these activities aren’t specific to Ireland. Whether you’re staying an hour out from your hometown or going somewhere much sunnier like Australia, you can check off at least one. So open a tab to Niall’s Instagram to tag a friend in this post to initiate the conversation. You know that we’ve already done so!

Harvest Oysters

Are we really surprised these two pleasantly down-to-earth singers venture out to the seabed to harvest their dinner? At least Lewis does. Niall, on the other hand? He claims to be the driver, only to then laugh at Lewis for not liking the taste of their supper. This is the first time he’s tried oysters. While there are a bunch of restrictions, including an oyster harvesting license in specific states, sometimes there’s no better time waster than taking sail to the ocean and pulling in a few fish! 

Have An Improv Photoshoot With A Historical Statue

In almost every state you roll through, you are bound to find a historical statue that dishes out some background information on how things came to be. In this case, it’s Joe Dolan! Born in Mullingar, Joe was a pop singer known for such tunes as ‘Make Me an Island.’ And if you think we don’t see Niall taking the mural to a statue pipeline someday soon, think again! Lewis got a little up, close, and personal with Joe’s statue, even stealing a cheeky kiss. While we’re stating a disclaimer to be conscientious, what’s better for your traveling scrapbook than taking a few photos with the statue?  

Scout For An Arty Alleyway

Speaking of that pipeline, a local artist Shane Turner turned a previously graffitied wall into a blue-tinged mural of Niall! The mural is on Dominick Street for those who plan to replicate this road trip, roping in the Lewis to your Niall! And for those who are venturing elsewhere, it’s always lovely to stroll down an artist’s alleyway, taking in the talent and perhaps even feeling a pull to a certain piece of art. 

Go On A Brewery Tour

Guinness sponsors the documentary, so there has to be product placement sneaked in somewhere! That and these boys love a good pint. As a popular tourist attraction in Ireland, the brewery is a great place to see the makings of your favorite beer. Perhaps also some beer art, turning a photo of yourself into a frothy delight. If you don’t like beer, wineries always work too, seeing a beautiful vineyard! 

Take Karaoke From A Bar To A Recording Studio for Laughs

Who are they kidding? Not everyone has the pipes belonging to these boys, and that’s totally okay. We all have different talents! Still, why not turn a karaoke night into a booking in a studio? Make a recording of a song your parents consider a banger for a birthday gift or take a tour just like Lewis and Niall did to see just which famous faces borrowed a booth. It could’ve even been one of your faves. 

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Do you still need an activity to fill those minutes while traveling in the car? Look no further than the documentary itself, as Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi is now available on Amazon Prime Video! We want to hear every detail about your favorite part. So send us your tweets @thehoneypop

Both of these boys are so busy at the moment! Lewis just announced his new album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, as well as a world tour, and Niall is the newest coach on the American version of The Voice. However, that means more content for us, and we love them for it, so thank you 🫶. To be in the know of these projects and others coming from them, follow us along on our other socials, Instagram and Facebook



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