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Our Dream Cast For A Star-Studded Monster High Movie

Our Dream Cast For A Star-Studded Monster High Movie

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Hey Ghouls! Here at The Honey POP, we are ridiculously obsessed with not only Halloween but Monster High. From the characters to the wicked awesome storylines, we adore the franchise! There has been lots of talk about who would totally kill in a Monster High movie, so obviously, we had to let you guys know what we thought! Freaky is about to get even more fabulous!

Maggie Lindemann as Frankie Stein

Image Source: Mattel & Maggie Lindemann Via Instagram

Main character alert! I mean, could it be more obvious? Maggie Lindemann absolutely slayed this Frankie Stein Halloween costume. We all always joke that she’s a real-life Monster High girl, but maybe we weren’t joking! We got the opportunity to see Maggie’s acting abilities in Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Downfall High,’ and she was great! How awesome would it be for Frankie to have some spooky songs by Maggie Lindemann herself?

Jenna Ortega as Draculaura

Image Source: Jenna Ortega Via Instagram & Mattel

Draculaura has to be one of the most massive fan favorites of the entire franchise. She’s cute, bubbly, funny, and to die for, just like our girl Jenna Ortega. Jenna is already the ultimate Scream queen but can’t you see her being such a cute vampire? Jenna Ortega is totally the girl you’d want to be your bestie, right? Therefore, she is meant for the role of Draculaura in our fan cast!

Zaria Simone as Clawdeen Wolf

Image Source: Zaria Simone Via Instagram & Mattel

Zaria Simone is one of our new favorite actresses due to how easy it was to fall in love with her character Faran on the hit show Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Zaria starred as a super fashionable, talented, and strong character there, so why wouldn’t she star as the Monster High it-girl, Clawdeen Wolf? Clawdeen is not only super beautiful, but she also is incredibly smart, just like Zaria!

Hunter Schafer as Lagoona Blue

Image Source: Mattel & Hunter Schafer Via Instagram

We cannot imagine anyone other than Euphoria‘s breakout star Hunter Schafer starring as the Aussie girl from down under, Lagoona Blue! Picture this, Hunter Schafer with the aquamarine streaks in her hair, strutting down Monster High halls with the iconic Lagoona outfit and, of course, her fish bowl purse with her pet Piranha, Neptuna. Can you picture anything more magical? Someone, please make this happen!

Mayan El Sayed as Cleo De Nile

monster high
Image Source: Mattel & Karim Medhatt

Obviously, the captain of the fear-leading team has to be someone who has superstar quality! We’re going with Mayan El Sayed! Mayan has a huge performing arts background, and we believe Cleo would too! Nobody is just born with Cleo’s theatrical personality; that is done with intent! Mayan would totally nail the role of Monster High‘s iconic mean girl that we can’t help but adore!

Booboo Stewart as Deuce Gorgon

monster high
Image Source: Mattel & Booboo Stewart Via Instagram

Deuce Gorgon is a certified hot boy! Everyone at Monster High either wants to be him or be with him. Who else is just as lovable? Booboo Stewart, duh! Can you guys picture him arm in arm with our THP casted Cleo De Nile, Mayan El Sayed? They would be the perfect it-couple and would definitely be the blueprint for everyone’s relationship at Monster High!

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Timothee Chalamet as Jackson Jekyll / Holt Hyde

monster high
Image Source: Timothee Chalamet Via Instagram & Mattel

You have to admit this one would be incredibly fun. Imagine Timothee Chalamet playing the super cute dorky Jackson with his adorable glasses and preppy outfit, then he transforms into the edgy rockstar Holt Hyde. We’re not sure if we want to see Timothee play a sweet nerdy character or someone super cool and wild more, so why not both? We already know Timothee Chalamet is an incredibly versatile actor, but playing a role like this would definitely be different for him. We know he would be perfect for these two completely opposite personalities!

Bryshere Y. Gray as Clawd Wolf

monster high
Image Source: Bryshere Y. Gray Via Instagram & Mattel

Clawd is a super fun, strong, and loving character, just like Empire‘s actor Bryshere Y. Gray. We can totally see Bryshere playing Clawd, who is a super athlete and also a literal werewolf! In our THP fan cast, we think Bryshere and Zaria would make the cutest siblings ever! Clawd and Clawdeen rock!

We are so excited and maybe a little nervous to see what you think of our THP fan cast for a Monster High movie! Do you guys think we nailed it? What other characters would you like to see in the Monster High movie? Who would star as them in your fan cast? These are all questions we’d love to hear your answer in the comments below or on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram! You can also pop over to Discord, we love to chat! 

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